“N” is for Notes

“N” is for Notes. But, not just your ordinary Notes! In the Color Code column of the Referrals List grid there is now a capital letter “N”. When you click the “N” a new page opens and allows you to quickly add a new note.

But wait. This new page has a bonus! In addition to being able to add a quick note, this page is also designed to automatically format your emails! Let’s say you have received an email regarding a client or property and you want that email in the Notes table. Just COPY the part of the email you want, click the “N” for the Referrals table record, PASTE the email and click the button to ‘Save To NOTES’.

Not only is the email saved in the Notes table but the extra formatting to keep the paragraphs from running altogether is added automatically!

4 Responses to ““N” is for Notes”

  1. Katie Adams Says:

    Already used this feature this weekend……LOVED IT! Thanks for continuing to make ReloSpec even better!

  2. Jim Gribbin Says:

    I like this feature and I hate to sound picky, but should there be a way to mark these notes private or public like the regular way of doing notes?

  3. Eileen Mitchell Says:


  4. Lauren Says:

    Love the format-stay!!!

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