Why a Blog?

We hope that ReloSpec411 will be an easy “Go To” place for you to search all of the information we have distributed to you, our Users.  Information presented in our monthly Newsletter, as well as in our Webinar’s will be posted on this blog.  We will also post information/tips/tricks that our Users most frequently ask.  We know that many times you are presented with information that you are not yet ready to use. 

If you heard it…but can’t quite remember it come to ReloSpec411 and use the “SEARCH” box located on the top of the page.

If you are stuck, and you need help, our 24 hr Help Desk is still the best way to get answers to your questions, especially if you did not find it here!

Relo Spec Help Desk

Located on the main page when you login!

2 Responses to “Why a Blog?”

  1. Diane Gold Says:

    Great news

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