Report Images Help with Report Selection

For years, ReloSpec has had a growing number of great reports.  There are Standard and Advanced reports and many variations of each.  The good news is that the variations make it easy to have the report you need with the fields, filters and components you want.  The bad news is that, especially for people new to ReloSpec, with so many it is difficult to find the report(s) you need.

The REPORTS page now displays an image of the report in the right-had column.  And, if the image is difficult to read, you click the image and view the sample report in a larger format.  Over the next few days we’ll be adding an image for each of the Advanced reports.  There are more than 80 of them today.

The REPORTS page still includes a separate ‘View Sample’ link in the second column which will open a full PDF version of the report.  So, if the sample report has multiple pages you’ll still be able to view all pages if you want to.  And, you can still click the ‘Add to Favorites’ link and add the selected report to your list of Favorites.

We hope you’ll find these report images easy to use, and that they’ll be helpful in locating the report you need.  As always, if you need help locating the perfect report, let us know.  We’re here to help.

Compatibility Mode for ReloSpec and Broker Center import

Many of you have had your PCs upgraded to the latest Internet Explorer version 11 (IE 11).  This may have happened automatically without you knowing about it or your IT person may have done it.  The addition of IE 11 may have caused your PC to display the ReloSpec pages in a way that isn’t pleasing.  Bold thick lines may appear where pleasing thin lines were there before.  And, if you are using the Broker Center copy/paste feature it may have stopped working intermittently or altogether if you’re using IE 11.

To learn which version of IE you are using, tap the ALT key on your keyboard to display the menu bar (if it isn’t already visible).  Click ‘Help’ and ‘About Internet Explorer’.  A page will open to display the version.

To put a web page; in this case ReloSpec, into ‘Compatibility View’, open ReloSpec , tap the ALT key to display the menu bar, click Tools and View Compatibility Settings.  A page will open and show that “” has been entered into the ‘Add this website’ field.  Click the ADD button and close the page.  Now, each time you go to ReloSpec you’ll be in the preferred Compatibility View.

For those of you using the Broker Center copy/paste page, open the page by clicking the ‘Broker Center’ link and put this page into Compatibility View using the steps in the previous paragraph.  A revised copy/paste page that is fully compatible with IE 11 will be available.  In the mean time this one-step fix for Compatibility View will work nicely.

And the Winner is…

At the beginning of November we announced the ‘Features Checklist’ survey.  The survey was designed to identify Relocation Specialist features that you may want to use, and get your suggestions for future enhancements.  We are very grateful that well over 200 of our ReloSpec customers completed the survey.

We are in the process of contacting those people that requested additional help, and you should hear from a member of the ReloSpec Team soon.

In connection with the survey, all who completed it had their names automatically entered into the drawing for the New Kindle HDX.  Suzanne Lail with Cottingham-Chalk & Associates was the lucky winner.  Congratulations to Suzanne and thank you to all who participated in the survey.