Update your Info, win free stuff!

Would you like to do business with other Brokers who are using Relocation Specialist? 

We have designed our Software to make working with other Relocation Specialist users EASY!

The only problem is YOU the USERS have to make sure the rest of the “ReloSpec Community” can find you!

If you want to know what Brokers, in what cities and states are using Relocation Specialist please:

  • Login to Relocation Specialist
  • Click Utility Settings
  • In the 2nd column, 2nd link from the bottom you will see “Broker’s Using ReloSpec”
  • Click the link


Here you can search through all of our users!  Only problem is you, THE USER, has to be ok being found!

We can’t imagine you wouldn’t want the business, yet many of you have not updated your Broker information, or Relocation Counselor’s information.

If you could log in and:

  • Verify existing information
  • Add any NEW information needed
  • And DELETE any outdated users/information

That would be a HUGE help in allowing others in the “ReloSpec Community” to find you!

The first 10 Users to do this will get $25 Starbuck gift cards, and the first 50 will be entered into a Drawing for Lunch On Relocation Specialist!

click the number next to YOUR Database and click UPDATE

If you even open and review your info it will count!  Our software will tell us who does this and when, and we will announce the winners when we get to 50!

Also please PLEASE feel free to delete any outdated information/users that may be in the database.

Thanks for Reading!

Good morning all!  Thanks for reading and for supporting this new, and growing, format!  As promised I have drawn our 4th winner since we hit (and exceeded) 200 blog subscribers!

Robin Begina, with ERA King in Anniston, AL – you won!  Email and let me know where to send your gift card! 


I will be back on Thursday, MAY 20th!!!  More to come!

Have a Great Day!

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Rainy Days & Monday’s

Rainy Day’s & Monday’s USUALLY get me down!  I am sitting here in beautiful Seattle, Washington and it is raining, and it is Monday, but I am in a pretty wonderful mood!  Partly because it was 70 plus all weekend, but more so because I love my job, so enjoy working with all of you and I ADORE FREE THINGS, so being able to give them away is pretty fun!  (Thanks Jim for nodding yes over the phone-I sure hope he said yes!)

Seriously, we will be making an announcement on THURSDAY that is so BIG, so HUGE, so CRAZY that I am 100% sure Jim has lost his mind, and though I think my job is to be a voice of reason when he does this…well, given these rough economic times I had to say “Let’s do it!”

So stay-tuned for Thursday, May 20th!!!! (BIG I am telling you, HUGE!)

Meanwhile, remember this blog post from February 24th?

The first 200 customers to register their email address at https://relospec411.com/ will be entered into a drawing to win one of four $25 Starbucks Gift Cards! $25 worth of free treats just for typing your email address into a box, pretty good deal and your odds are 1 in 25, also pretty darn good!

Well we never gave a 4th Starbucks card away because we stalled out around 191 blog subscribers.  Today we are close to 300!  I know we are forcing you to read by eliminating the Newsletter, but trust us, you will love it!

And I am going to give another one away when we hit 300!  So if you have co-workers not registered, tell them the time has come!

Tonight I will gather all the names up, draw one, and give away another Starbucks gift card!  FUN FUN!