How else might EGRABBER help us?

Egrabber may also be used to import records from other sources including,,, Leadrouter as well as emails generated by your Company website.

How does EGRABBER work?

A data record from Broker Center is selected and copied into your computers clipboard.  Once on the clipboard we capture the data, put it into ReloSpecs’ format and import into the Import Table of Relocation Specialist.  The records then may be transferred in the Referrals table.


Egrabber is optional software that works with our web-based Relocation Specialist and Broker Center.  It is a utility that can automatically download referrals from Broker Center to ReloSpec and processes them into your database.

If you are interested in purchasing egrabber please contact Jim,

I am getting double records in the import table?

If your import table has duplicate records in it after you have imported your egrabber it is because you forgot to press your egrabber clear before you began importing. Just delete the duplicate record and don’t forget to press egrabber clear after.

I get an error while uploading into egrabber?

There are two types of errors that you can get while importing a record from Broker Center. The first one mentions truncation. This happens when one of your fields in broker center is more than 100 characters. If getting this error you should go back into your broker center record and check email addresses; company name and comments to see if any of them are too long. If you find one that is extraordinarily long contact us through the help desk and we can expand the field.

The other type of error you get while importing a record is a type mismatch. This will happen when there is an alphabetic character in an “all numeric field.” If you come across this error, contact us through the help desk.