Will I See You In Chicago? Or Memphis?

Once again, Relocation Specialist will help sponsor the Relocation Directors Council meetings.  Next week they’re in Chicago.  Jim Evans will be on hand to answer your questions and help you get the most from your ReloSpec software.  There may be some extra time available while in the windy city, so feel free to arrange a visit by sending an email to jevans@prosws.com.

Two weeks later we’ll be represented at the American Relocation Alliance meetings in Memphis.  Be sure to stop by the display table to say ‘hi’ and learn the latest and greatest features of the ReloSpec software.

Add Agent’s Website and Include It With Email to Client

You may now enter the agent’s website address in the Agents table and have it added to the Referral record when using the handy ‘Lookup’ link in the Referrals List page. This will work for Referring Agents or Assigned Agents.

And, when sending the FORM named ‘Client Notification of Agent’ the agent’s website address will be included along with the other contact information in the email!

Document When an Agent Rejects a Referral

Need to keep track of the times when an agent rejects a referral? Many of you have used the Agents Notes table to enter the information, however now it is easier to enter and is more specific.

To record when the agent rejects a referral, click the AGENTS link on the left side of the Referrals List page, select the agent and click the ‘View Notes’ button.  The (Agents) Notes page will open.  Click ADD NEW and you’ll see two new fields, [Disposition] and [Description].  For the Disposition field you have a droplist with choices of “Accepted” or “Rejected”.  For the Description field you have another droplist with the following choices, “Price”, “Vacation”, “Too busy”, “Did not answer”, “Location” or “Referral Type”.

The option to add to the Agents Notes table is also on the ‘Lookup’ page that you use to find the agent to assign; Referring Agent or Assigned Agent.  So, if you already have one agent as the Assigned Agent but need to assign a different one, using the ‘Lookup’ page you can find the first agent add the “Rejected” note, then find the replacement agent, click the button and bingo, the new agent is in place and the previous agent has the “Rejected” note added!

Soon, the Agents Notes will be added to the Agent Scorecard reports so that you’ll be able to see the results for the agent within the date range along with the number of times the agent rejected a referral opportunity and the reason.

Process Checked Items in Responses Page

You asked for it. You got it! In the beginning you could review the Responses page and click the button to “process” all the records you could see on the page.  (“Process” basically means that ReloSpec moves the records to the Notes table for each individual referral record.)

Then, we added the ability to process the records one at a time.  This has been a popular feature but many have asked for things to be faster!

Now, when viewing the items in the Responses page, just click the checkbox for each record you want to have processed.  Then, click the button at the bottom of the page that says “Process the CHECKED entries ONLY”.  Each of the items you checked will be processed, leaving the others you want to leave in the list.  You may process as many as you like at any time!

Now you can quickly process the ones you want and leave the others for further review.  Enjoy.