Relo 2.0 – Clients – Additional Search Filters

Good morning!

Today we are launching updated search filters in the clients page. You will now be able to filter from any field that is displaying or click on the little arrow ^ on the upper right seen below ^ to expand the filters for even more options.

Let us know if you have any questions. Have a great week.

AutoPilots, AutoUpdates, AutoAssign important update in 2.0

A big change is about to be launched in ACTIVITIES under AutoPilots, AutoUpdates, AutoAssign in Relo 2.0.

Here is what to expect.
We have added Date Ranges for easier bulk processing.
We have created system defaults for the last 7 days in each section,
We have added other quick date filter options for you.

This update will help you become more efficient in managing all of the emails in the AutoPilots, and all of the non responsive email in the pending updates (AutoUpdates), pending approvals (AutoAssign) sections.