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The updated schedule for January and February Web Training Seminars is available.

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Referral Submit Form automatically adjusts for iPhone

The optional Referral Submit Form has long been a favorite for allowing agents/contacts to use an on-line form to submit leads right into your Relocation Specialist database.  Now, the Form is even smarter!

When the Referral Submit Form is opened using an iPhone or other smart device the Form detects the device and displays a more compact version which is ideal for the smart phone.  People using normal PC screens will be shown the standard input form.  Either way, once the form is submitted the  record is inserted into your Import table.  The ‘smarter’ Referral Submit Form is a free upgrade for those using the standard form.

Some of our customers add a link at the bottom of their outgoing emails that when clicked opens the Form.  Others have a link on their company website for agents to access anytime.  Click here to see a sample Referral Submit Form.  It will insert your record into the DEMO database.

The one-time license fee for the Referral Submit Form is $295, and it will add $80/year to your annual Maintenance fee.  Let us know (info@prosws.com) if you’d like more information.

Want to Import from Broker Center, Trulia, Zillow or Others for FREE?

Many have been asking about the optional software that allows you to import records easily from Broker Center, and automatically from Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com and many other sites.  For a limited time you can try out the feature for FREE. 
Just let us know (info@prosws.com) that you want the 30-day free trial of the Internet Leads option and let us know the source(s) you want.  We’ll set it up for you, show you how to use it and let you use it for 30 days at no charge!
Learn how to save valuable time by easily importing leads to your ReloSpec database!

Advanced reports are FULL PAGE again

For those of you using Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) there has been an issue with viewing the full page of the Advanced reports.  We’re happy to say that the issue has been resolved and we encourage you to resume using the Advanced reports.  Thank you for your patience.