Agent Access – Bigger & Bettter and FREE

A few weeks ago we announced the Agent Access feature.  Today we are announcing the new price (FREE for the license) and new features.

Do you have agents who want access to the records assigned to them?  Do you want them to be able to supply updates without waiting for your email to arrive?  Want your agents to submit new outgoing referrals easily?  It’s all included in the new Agent Access.

With the new Agent Access:

  • You create the ID/Password for as many agents as you like.  Have them go to to login
  • You may add/delete agents as often as you like
  • Agents can login, view only their records and cannot change anything
  • It works great with smart phones, iPads, tablets and PCs!
  • They can select a record, click ‘Send Update’ and their comments go right into the Responses table
  • Agents can use the ‘Add New’ button to submit outgoing referrals that come into the Import table
  • Agent Access does not replace the AutoPilot sending of update requests
  • The Scorecard report for the agent is available at the touch of a button.
  • More reports including percent of Goals achieved are coming soon!
  • There is no charge for the license.  Next year when your annual Maintenance comes due you’ll be charged a maximum of $5/agent/year.

There is a new Training Video available to learn more.  You’ll learn how to set up the agent(s) and see what they will see when they login.

New ReloSpec Features – Something For Everyone!


Today we’re happy to announce many new features that are available today, or will be available very soon.  And, there is NO CHARGE for the licensing of any of these features.  Enjoy!

Reports, Reports, Reports

You have been telling us what you want and we have been listening!  We admit there are too many ReloSpec reports, but you aren’t expected to use them all.  You should just use the ones you’ll call your ‘Favorites’.  How do you find your ‘Favorite’ reports?  That’s where we can help!  As a free service, you just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with an updated short list of reports that meet your needs.  No more searching, trying and viewing endless reports to find what you need.

Better yet, if you have a report you’re producing now and want ReloSpec to do the work for you, just email us a copy of the report(s) and we’ll match it with your new ReloSpec ‘Favorite’.

Use the ReloSpec ‘Help Desk’ to submit your request and we’ll help you find the report(s) that will save time and effort!

A Possible New Favorite Report?

What’s one more ReloSpec report, right?  But wait.  This one is special.  You may already know about the ‘Scorecard – Agent’ reports.  There are now 6 versions and the latest may be the best.  Click the REPORTS link, browse to ‘Scorecard – Agent 6’ and open the report.  In one concise report you’ll know totals for Incoming vs. Outgoing, Est Close Dates and Amounts, Dead records with the Dead Reason, % Closed, % Returned Surveys and Agent Generated info!  What a great report!  Soon there will be a variation of this report for ‘Scorecard – Offices’ that uses similar results for Offices instead of Agents.

Let us help you with all your ReloSpec reporting needs!

AutoPilot and Responses Pages Are More User-Friendly

Beginning today when you filter records in your AutoPilot or your Responses pages you can ‘Process’ individual records and the filtered records will remain in the grid.  This allows you to select the records you want, ‘Process’ records one at a time and not have to re-filter the records to process the next one(s).  This makes it much easier to select records and process only the ones you want without interruption.  Nice!!!

Goals For Agents And Offices Coming Soon

Coming soon you’ll be able to enter specific goals for Agents and for your Office(s), and then be able to report on percent accomplishment of the goal.  Proposed Goals for Agents include: % Closed, # of Outgoing, # Surveys Returned, Survey Ratings, # of Agent Generated referrals and % of BMA Variance.  You’ll be able to enter the fields in the Agents table then run specific reports to view Current Status.  If you have specific suggestions for use of the Goals and the Reports needed, please let a member of the ReloSpec Team know.

Agent Access is Available for FREE!

Do you have agents who want to login and view records assigned to them?  Or, perhaps they don’t want to wait for the Update Request to be emailed before they provide an update?  Now you can assign an ID/Password for your agents to use that will allow them Read-Only access to ONLY the records assigned to them.  They may View the records, provide Updates that go directly to your Responses page, run reports on their performance and Submit New Referrals that go directly to the ReloSpec Import table.

One of the reports will include their performance as compared to their Goals you entered for them in the Agents table in a concise format.  You’ll be able to enable or disable as many agents as you like.  You will control their access and what they’ll see.  Watch for the Training Video coming soon.  This option is scheduled for release by the end of May 2013.  The license for Agent Access is free, but on your Annual Maintenance you’ll be charged $10/year for each agent using the service.  Quantity discounts may be available for more than 30 agents.



ReloSpec Status Update

The Relocation Specialist upgrade to the new server has been completed.  Thank you to all who have worked with the planning and testing over the last couple months.  As you know, the last couple days have presented some challenges.  This blog will bring you up-to-date with our progress.

AutoPilot Update Requests Sent On Tuesday

Some (not all) Update Requests (AutoUpdate.asp) sent to Agents and Contacts did not have the correct URL address formulated in the body of the email.  When an agent clicks the link an error occurs and the page does not open for the agent to provide the update.  There are two solutions for this.  1) You can select the specific record in the Referrals table, click FORMS, click the link for ‘AutoUpdate’, fill in the agent’s email address and SEND.  This form will have the proper link for the agent.  Or, 2) If you want to have ALL your Update Requests from Tuesday to be sent to ALL your agents again, please let Jim ( know and he’ll handle for you today.

IE 10.0 Requires ‘Compatibility View’

For those of you using Internet Explorer (IE) 10.0 be sure to click the icon on the section that includes the URL (Internet) address.  The icon looks like a page torn in half and when you put your cursor over the icon a small dialog box opens indicating ‘Compatibility View…’.  Click the icon and your ReloSpec Referrals List page will look much more “pleasant” and all features will work properly.  You should only need to click the icon one time, and the browser will remember to use Compatibility View every time you run ReloSpec.

For Those Using the Broker Center Copy/Paste Option

Due to changes in the Internet Explorer (IE) 10.0 the entire code for the Copy/Paste feature needed to be re-written.  That caused an unexpected delay, and is unrelated to the ReloSpec server upgrade.  The re-write has been completed and all should be working with this option.

ReloSpec is back!

You may login using   This is probably a different link than you are used to but it will get you to the login screen.  Your old ReloSpec links will be available as soon as the Internet updates the Domain Name settings, which takes from 30 minutes to a few hours.
You’ll be logging into a temporary front-end server.  All records you add/update will be saved when we go back to new server. 

 DO NOT upload Images to this temporary server.  They will be stored on the temporary server and not the production server we’ll be returning to tonight.  All Images you had stored up to a week ago will still be available for you to use.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this issue.


The ReloSpec Team

ReloSpec Maintenance Interruption

Due to a maintenance issue that ran longer than expected, the Relocation Specialist software is currently unavailable.  Service should be resumed at least by 9:15AM Central time.  Please try to login periodically.  Another blog will be sent once service is restored.

Thank you for your patience.