ReloSpec Status Update

The Relocation Specialist upgrade to the new server has been completed.  Thank you to all who have worked with the planning and testing over the last couple months.  As you know, the last couple days have presented some challenges.  This blog will bring you up-to-date with our progress.

AutoPilot Update Requests Sent On Tuesday

Some (not all) Update Requests (AutoUpdate.asp) sent to Agents and Contacts did not have the correct URL address formulated in the body of the email.  When an agent clicks the link an error occurs and the page does not open for the agent to provide the update.  There are two solutions for this.  1) You can select the specific record in the Referrals table, click FORMS, click the link for ‘AutoUpdate’, fill in the agent’s email address and SEND.  This form will have the proper link for the agent.  Or, 2) If you want to have ALL your Update Requests from Tuesday to be sent to ALL your agents again, please let Jim ( know and he’ll handle for you today.

IE 10.0 Requires ‘Compatibility View’

For those of you using Internet Explorer (IE) 10.0 be sure to click the icon on the section that includes the URL (Internet) address.  The icon looks like a page torn in half and when you put your cursor over the icon a small dialog box opens indicating ‘Compatibility View…’.  Click the icon and your ReloSpec Referrals List page will look much more “pleasant” and all features will work properly.  You should only need to click the icon one time, and the browser will remember to use Compatibility View every time you run ReloSpec.

For Those Using the Broker Center Copy/Paste Option

Due to changes in the Internet Explorer (IE) 10.0 the entire code for the Copy/Paste feature needed to be re-written.  That caused an unexpected delay, and is unrelated to the ReloSpec server upgrade.  The re-write has been completed and all should be working with this option.

2 Responses to “ReloSpec Status Update”

  1. Dawn Grey Says:

    compatibility view in IE 10 doesn’t fix our problems. Just wanted you to be aware.

  2. Donna Zayas Says:

    I am having all kinds of trouble again today. RS keeps kicking me out!

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