May and June Training Webinars are now available

Sometimes you need to ‘stop chopping to sharpen the ax’.  The updated schedule is now available for the May and June Training Webinars.  Register now for these FREE 30-minute webinars!

Click here to register

Updated AutoPilot Page now in Production

Two important changes have been made to the AutoPilot page which adds new flexibility.  The default page still works as it always has; you click the ‘AutoPilot’ link and a page opens to display the AutoPilot items that are due to be sent as of today or before.  You may process the items one at a time or click the button at the bottom of the page to send all items.

The first change is that now you can click the SEARCH button at the top of the page and enter a future date in the ‘Cut-Off Date’ field.  This means that if for example it is Friday and you want to send items scheduled for Saturday or Sunday you can.  Use the pop-up calendar or enter the future date manually, apply the filter and send!  This will be helpful if you’ll not be in the database for a few days, but want to send the AutoPilots for those days you’ll be gone.

The second change is that for repeating items, the new repeat date will be from the previous date and not from the date sent.  Let’s say you have an AutoPilot Update Request that repeats every 15 days, the due date is on Saturday and you don’t actually send the update request until you return to the database on a Monday.  With this change, the next due date will be calculated correctly from the previous due date and not from the date it was actually sent.  This way, the repeating update requests will stay on schedule no matter which day they are sent.

These are small, subtle changes for some, but will be a big help for those who need more accuracy for time-sensitive AutoPilot items.

New, Updated Cartus FORMS Now Available

For our Relocation Specialist customers who are members of Cartus, there is one new form and two updated forms that are now available.  This means you can use the Action Plans and/or AutoPilot to automatically send the needed form(s) to agents or contacts.  The forms are:

  • Cartus Broker Market Analysis form
  • Cartus Contract Cover Sheet and Agent Checklist (New!)
  • Cartus Market Update Report form

You’re Invited to an Open House, and our Roundtable

Once again Relocation Specialist is helping sponsor the Cartus conference.  And, since there are no meetings scheduled for Thursday evening, April 26th we are hosting an Open House.

From 4:30-7:30PM in the Genoa II meeting room at the Ritz-Carlton hotel you’ll have a chance to meet members of the ReloSpec Team, have a drink and learn about all the latest and greatest features that will help you ‘Rise to the Challenge’.  We hope you’ll stop in for at least a few minutes.

Plus, we’ll be hosting one of the Roundtable discussions on Friday, the 27th.  Be sure to spend one of the sessions with us to learn how to:

  • Import records from Broker Center
  • How to use the new Drip Email Editor
  • Learn about the latest Reporting features
  • Get answers to your ReloSpec questions

NOTE:  Those who attend the Open House on Thursday or the Roundtable on Friday may have an additional card added to increase your chances for the iPod Touch to be awarded at the conference and the New iPad to be awarded on Friday, May 11th.

We look forward to seeing you there!

ReloSpec Maintenance Needed for 30 minutes today

The Relocation Specialist database will not be available for approximately 30 minutes beginning at 4:00PM Eastern time (1:00PM Pacific) today.  The time will be used to replace a faulty hard drive in one of the servers.

The good news is that because of the way the servers are configured, even though one of the drives has stopped, you are able to continue using the database.  (We have two of everything!)  The bad news is that the team of technicians available to replace the bad drive is not available later in the day.

We apologize for the inconvenience this brief timeout will require.

Want to Win a New iPad?

Our Relocation Specialist customers are the best in the world, and we want to say ‘Thank You’.  So, on Friday, May 11th, we’re going to draw one name from among our customers to win the new iPad with the stunning Retina display!  The winning name will be drawn from among all who are registered on our ReloSpec411 blog, plus those additional names as described below.  (If you’re receiving this, you’re already registered for the drawing.)

Want to increase your chances?  Doing any of the following will add your name a second time.  If there is more than one in your office using ReloSpec, all team members’ names will be added provided they are registered on the blog.  So what do you do to increase your chances?

Purchase additional ReloSpec licenses – Between now and May 10, 2012 buy at least one (1) additional ReloSpec license at a reduced cost and add your name(s) an additional time to the drawing.  2nd or 3rd ReloSpec license, normally $500 each are now $250.  Additional licenses after three, normally $200 are just $100.  Special pricing expires May 10, 2012.

Purchase the Images Option – Between now and May 10, 2012 buy the Images option at a reduced cost and add your name(s) an additional time to the drawing.  Normally $300 setup plus $20/license, the Image option is now $200 setup plus $10/license.  Special pricing expires May 10, 2012.

Do a Free 30-day Trial of the Internet Leads or Business Rules Options – Between now and May 10, 2012 begin a 30-day trial of either option, and have your name(s) added to the drawing.  The Internet Leads option allows you to quickly COPY/PASTE leads from Cartus Broker Center database, as well as leads from, Trulia and Zillo.  It is easy and fast!  The Business Rules option is like adding a special assistant that performs ReloSpec tasks automatically.  It will send your AutoPilots for you, or run reports and email them without you even logging in!  And, much more!  See the product description for Business Rules here.

Thanks for being such great customers and Good Luck in the drawing!