ReloSpec at Relocation Director’s Council

Once again, Relocation Specialist will help sponsor the meetings at the Relocation Directors Council (RDC).  We’ll be represented at the meetings held Wednesday, October 3, 2012 in Washington, DC.

We’ll be showing off the latest new features of the Relocation Specialist software, and will be drawing for another cool iPod Touch as a door prize.  Be sure to visit us and drop off your business card for the drawing!  Good luck, and we hope to see you there!

Want to Win a New iPad?

Our Relocation Specialist customers are the best in the world, and we want to say ‘Thank You’.  So, on Friday, May 11th, we’re going to draw one name from among our customers to win the new iPad with the stunning Retina display!  The winning name will be drawn from among all who are registered on our ReloSpec411 blog, plus those additional names as described below.  (If you’re receiving this, you’re already registered for the drawing.)

Want to increase your chances?  Doing any of the following will add your name a second time.  If there is more than one in your office using ReloSpec, all team members’ names will be added provided they are registered on the blog.  So what do you do to increase your chances?

Purchase additional ReloSpec licenses – Between now and May 10, 2012 buy at least one (1) additional ReloSpec license at a reduced cost and add your name(s) an additional time to the drawing.  2nd or 3rd ReloSpec license, normally $500 each are now $250.  Additional licenses after three, normally $200 are just $100.  Special pricing expires May 10, 2012.

Purchase the Images Option – Between now and May 10, 2012 buy the Images option at a reduced cost and add your name(s) an additional time to the drawing.  Normally $300 setup plus $20/license, the Image option is now $200 setup plus $10/license.  Special pricing expires May 10, 2012.

Do a Free 30-day Trial of the Internet Leads or Business Rules Options – Between now and May 10, 2012 begin a 30-day trial of either option, and have your name(s) added to the drawing.  The Internet Leads option allows you to quickly COPY/PASTE leads from Cartus Broker Center database, as well as leads from, Trulia and Zillo.  It is easy and fast!  The Business Rules option is like adding a special assistant that performs ReloSpec tasks automatically.  It will send your AutoPilots for you, or run reports and email them without you even logging in!  And, much more!  See the product description for Business Rules here.

Thanks for being such great customers and Good Luck in the drawing!

‘Agent Access’ Now Available at a Lower Price

Want to give your agents Read-Only access to their Referrals table records? You can with the Agent Access option.  For just $25 per agent per year you can let your agents view their records, add their own new records, provide comments/updates about referrals assigned to them and even use the Action Plans and Drip Email features of the database!

It’s a great way for agents to view/report on their referrals which may even be accessed from their smart phone!  Agents will have access to a limited number of reports that include only their own referrals, plus they can SUBMIT new records for Outgoing referrals.  And, agents will view ONLY those Notes that you have designated as ‘Public’.

A minimum of 10 agent licenses ($250/year) is all that’s needed to get started.  Additional licenses are available at further discounted rates.  For more information, email

Our BIG Announcement


Relocation Specialist continues to be the Number One choice for tracking relocation activities, while providing other related services. 


We’re very excited to make the following 3 announcements!!!


More Products, More Options, Free Money

Beginning today we are announcing the option of having leads from your company’s website and many other popular sources (like, Zillow, Trulia, ShowingTime,, and many others) imported automatically into Relocation Specialist. 

And, to help you get started we’re giving you a $250 spending money!  You can use the money towards purchase of the Import Utility or for many other optional software products.  See below for details! (I told you it was BIG!!!)

Refer-A-Friend, and Earn Rewards

Want to help others benefit with Relocation Specialist?  With their permission, refer them to us!  If they buy before June 30, 2010:

                You get $50 gift card

                They get $250 credit to be applied to purchase of qualifying options

We’re Moving

This month we’re moving the entire Relocation Specialist application to faster, more reliable servers.  We expect improved response times now and advanced reporting services to come later this year.  This will be a free upgrade for all Relocation Specialist customers.

Here are the details…

More Products, More Options, Free Money

New Import Utility Captures All Your Leads!

The new ‘Import Utility’ features “reads” emails and inserts the details directly into your Import table.  Purchase of the Import Utility page ($250) includes choice of two Import Sources, including the following: Your own customer website,,, and others.  There is a monthly fee associated with this option of $69.  If more than two Import Sources are needed, each is an additional $39/month.  A complete list of available Import Sources will be available on our website soon.

Free Money!

All Relocation Specialist customers may use a $250 credit towards purchase of qualifying options before June 30, 2010.  You select the option of your choice, we deduct $250 and you pay the difference.  Qualifying products include: Additional Relocation Specialist licenses, Images option, Corporate Access option, Branch option, Leads Processing option for Agents, and the Referral Submit Form.


Do you know of someone who doesn’t have the benefits of Relocation Specialist?  Want to help them and you at the same time?  Let them know you are referring them to us and if they buy before June 30, 2010 you get a $50 gift card and they get a $250 credit towards purchase of their software.  We’ll need: Your Name, Company Name, Their Name, Their Company, Their Phone Number, Their Email Address and we’ll take it from there.  After they purchase, we’ll ask them who referred them to us.  If it’s you, we’ll send the gift card to you right away.

We’re Moving!

The entire Relocation Specialist application and databases are being moved to new, more powerful and expandable servers.  We will be using new technologies to match software and hardware to the growing demand for our software.  This move will enable us to add new Reporting features not currently available.  We’re very excited about this move.  Watch for details in future blogs!

Images Option – FIRESALE TODAY ONLY!!!

For our FABULOUS Customers (and now loyal Blog Subscribers) we will be offering special discounts from time-to-time!

Here is a GREAT OFFER to kick it off!

Today ONLY if you purchase the Images Option  ALL USERS will have the feature added to their profile!  Normally each user is an additional $20, but TODAY ONLY we will let you have as many additional users as you want ON US!

Email Jim, and put “Images Option PLEASE” in your subject line!

(Please note, the maintenance fee will still apply annually.  If you do not want to pay the $10 annual fee for ALL of your users, please specify when you purchase which SPECIFIC users you want to have the Images Option)

Images Option

The Images Option allows you to upload and save images for individual records. Images may include any file you want saved, including but not limited to pictures in a variety of formats including JPG, GIF EPS and others, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and PDF files. There is a limitation of 4Mb per image.

    Highlights are:

  • Upload as many images per file as you like
  • Images may include scanned files like contracts and BMAs, pictures and other files
  • Limitation of 4Mb per image
Images Option Images Server License
(One required per database)
$300 $80
  Images User License
(One required for each Images user)
$20 $10