Enhanced Custom Financial Report now available

Many new enhancements have just been added to the ‘Custom Financial Report’.  This ‘Standard’ report allows the user to select which fields they want to appear in the report, and to filter on the selected fields.  This continues to be a popular choice because it allows you to create your own ad-hoc reports easily.

Following are a few of the recent enhancements to the Custom Financial Report:

  • The layout of the fields has changed.  Fields of similar type are now grouped together which makes finding the field(s) you need easier
  • You may SAVE up to 4 different field selections (reports) per user!  Select the fields you want, click the radio button for which Report number to SAVE the selections to and the field list is saved.  Next time you run the report, click the radio button for the Report number you want (1, 2, 3 or 4) and all fields will instantly be selected!
  • Entering date ranges just got much easier!  You can still copy the sample date, paste it to the date field of your choice and change as needed.  But now you can simply enter the Begin Date, the word “to” and the End Date.  (example: “1/1/2012 to 6/30/2012”).  The report will translate the entry to what is needed.
  • You’ll still be able to run the report, sort by any field and DOWNLOAD, print, open in Excel or save as a CSV file.

New FORM Letter for Outgoing Referrals

A new FORM named ‘Outgoing Letter to Assigned Agent’ has been added to the list of FORMS.  This is a form that may be sent to the Assigned Agent for an Outgoing referral.  It includes the Client Name, contact information for the Referring and Assigned Agents, and when the form is sent manually it automatically inserts the email addresses for the Referring and Assigned agents.

NOTE: This new form includes the new Email Signature that is set up in the Users table, so if you haven’t already done so be sure to update that field prior to using this form.  From the Main Menu, click Utility Settings, Users, select your name, click the pencil and update the Email Signature field.  There are sample entries to review.  If you need any help with setting up your Email Signature, please let us know by submitting a Help Desk request.

June and July Training Webinars are now available

Invest 30 minutes now and get back more of your time later!  The updated 30-minute Training Seminar (webinar) schedule is now available for June and July.  Register now for these FREE 30-minute webinars!

Click here to register

IMPORTANT Update on Advanced Reports

Over the last few days, much work has been done with the Advanced reports, and a few explanations will help.

With limited exception, report names now start with “Activity…”, “Closed…” or “Sent/Received…”.  All “Activity…” reports include records where the Date Recvd/Sent OR the Close Date are within the date range.  All “Closed…” reports include records that closed within the date range and “Sent/Received…” reports include records that were sent and/or received within the date range.  So, if you need a report that shows records that were sent or received, grouped by the Referral Type, you can use “Sent/Received, Grouped by Referral Type”.

There are currently 36 Advanced reports.  As the need arises, additional reports will be added, but with the new naming rules it will be easier to find the report you need.  In addition to the naming rules being used, we have updated the Descriptions and ‘View Sample’ links.  The descriptions now display the fields included in the report and may be searched using the SEARCH button on the page.  Suppose you need a report that includes the Dead Reasons, you could click SEARCH, enter “Dead Reason” in the Description field and view a list of the 5 reports that include the “Dead Reason” field.

For those using the ‘Favorite Forms’ list, you’ll need to make some changes to the list.  Because in most cases we have changed the report names it will be necessary to DELETE the previous report names, and ADD NEW the replacement reports you want in your list.

Though a little painful in the short-term, we think these naming rules will be a big help moving forward.  In addition, many reports have been updated with faster response times and additional filtering options.