How do I Transfer Files and ToDo Items from one user to another?

If you have a User who has left the Company, or you simply have people changing roles within the Company, you can simply transfer files and ToDo items from one user to another….IN SECONDS!

Both Users have to be in your User Table in the Utility Section.  So if a User is departing the Company please do not delete them.  If you have already deleted them you will need to add them back…..and their User Name will need to be EXACTLY what is was prior to the deletion.  This is how the system will recognize their files and ToDo items.

To make the transfer please follow these directions:

For Transferring Files

  1. Go to the Utility Settings Menu
  2. Click on Referral Table/Search and Replace
  3. Enter the previous Users User Name in the Old Name field
  4. Enter the new Users User Name in the New Name field
  5. Click the Global Search and Replace Button at the bottom of the screen

To Transfer ToDo Items click on the ToDoList Table/Search and Replace and follow the same steps.

Once all files have been moved you are safe to delete the departing user from the User Table.