Agent Performance Review and Scorecard Reports Enhanced

Recently ReloSpec began inserting notes into Agent Notes table.  Whenever an agent is assigned using the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link, or whenever the agent accepts or rejects one of the AutoAssign form requests or the agent is replaced by another agent a note is added for that particular agent in the Agents table.

You may view the Notes by clicking the AGENTS link on the left side of the Client List page, select an agent and scroll to the bottom of the page.  You may edit the notes by clicking the EDIT NOTES button at the bottom of the Notes grid.

Now the Agent Notes (not the Notes for referrals) are included when you view/print the ‘Scorecard – Agent’ report.  This handy report displays the referrals assigned to the agent grouped by Referral Status, the difference between the BMA and the Sale Price, other details, and now includes the notes for the agent.

In addition the ‘Scorecard – Agent Performance Review’ report has been greatly enhanced.  This report displays only the totals for a large number of categories such as Total Incoming Buyers, Total Incoming Sellers, AGRs, whether or not the agent used the “Preferred Mortgage Company” or not, the “Other Mortgage Company” used when they didn’t use the preferred and other details.  It now includes the Goals for the agent listed next to the results, and the Agent Notes have been added as well.

If you’re not already familiar with the ‘Scorecard – Agent’ and the ‘Scorecard – Agent Performance Review’ reports, check them out today.  They will be very useful the next time you need to review an individual agent’s performance.