Security options, adding an “Access Privilege”

When you add a new user you will see a field call “Access  Privileges“.  Access Privileges are broken down into three levels:

FULL (Default)        Members of this group have access to all areas, including Utility Settings.

MEDIUM        Members of this group have access to everything except the Utility Settings.

LIMITED        Members of this group may not access the Utility Settings, and this group does not have the ADD, DELETE, UPDATE or DOWNLOAD navigation buttons for any of the  Agents or the Contacts pages.  In addition, members of this group may not UPDATE or DELETE any of the Notes once they are entered.

We recommend all users be given FULL access, but we do understand there are situations and circumstances that call for greater control and security and we hope you will find these solutions helpful should you require their use.

Again, “Access Privileges” are located in each User’s Profile in the Users section of the Utility Menu