AutoPilot Items Now May Have Expiration Dates

The AutoPilot is one of the most powerful (and popular!) features of the Relocation Specialist database.  It allows you to enter tasks (ToDo items), then send them automatically when they’re due.  This works well for update requests from agents and contacts, drip email marketing to clients/transferees and other tasks.

Beginning today you have the option of adding an Expiration Date for your AutoPilot items.  In the ToDo page there is a new field for Expiration Date.  This is an optional field, and you may either use the pop-up calendar to select a date or you may enter the date manually (eg. MM/DD/YYYY).  Then, when AutoPilot runs and if the item is set to REPEAT, ReloSpec will calculate the date for the next repeated item as long as the future date is not after the Expiration Date.

The Expiration Date has also been added to the Action Plan Items page.  So, now you can set up tasks to be done in advance and select the number of days into the future that will be the Expiration Date.  In this case you’ll be entering just the number (eg. 60) of days needed.  This is an optional field and is required only if you want to set the Expiration Date in advance.

There is a new Training Video to help you get started with this exciting new feature.

Results of Extreme Weather on East Coast

All functions of the Relocation Specialist software are working properly.  Users are able to SEND emails, receive Responses and otherwise use their databases without interruption.

However, due to the extreme weather on the East coast the Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) Team members do not currently have access to their email.  Emails sent to,, or are NOT being received and may not be until at least Wednesday, October 31st.  Telephone service is working, and calls may be directed to 860/946-9110 or 402/426-9542.

If you have a need regarding the ReloSpec database, please use the ‘Help Desk’ to submit your request.  The Team will be monitoring the Help Desk requests and will respond via telephone.

Thank you for your patience during this extreme weather condition.

Text Message feature is Enhanced

Exciting new ‘Text Message’ features are now available in your Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) database!  In the past you have been able to send a Text Message by clicking the FORMS link, browse to ‘Text to Assigned Agent’, complete the text and SEND.  Now it is quicker and easier!  From the Referrals List grid, click the ‘TM’ link in the Assigned Agent Last Name field or the Referring Agent Last Name field and the Text Message page opens with the Text Address already entered.  Once the text has been sent, the text is added to the Notes table automatically!

But, it gets better.  Now you can schedule texts to be sent using Action Plans, and AutoPilot.  Do you want the AutoPilot to send a text to the agent, and schedule it in advance?  Now you can.  New buttons have been added to the Action Plan Items and the ToDo pages so that you can instantly insert the agent’s Text Address, then have AutoPilot send the text on the scheduled date!

All of this assumes you have the agent’s Text Address entered in the Agents table.  You’ll need to know the cell phone number and the service provider.  There is a handy list of service providers in the Agents table UPDATE page.  You’ll be combining the cell number + the service providers address.  For example, if the number is “4025906910” and the provider is AT&T then the Text Address would be  Then, whenever the agent is selected from the Agents table, the Text Address is copied into the Referrals table record and is available for Action Plans or AutoPilot to use.

October and November Training Webinars are now available

Sometimes you need to ‘stop chopping to sharpen the ax’.  The updated schedule is now available for the rest of October and November Training Webinars.  Register now for these FREE 30-minute webinars!

Click here to register


Popular ‘Live’ Training Seminars are Scheduled

Two ‘live’ on-site Training Seminars have been scheduled for next February.  The two all-day Seminars will be held Monday, February 25th in Las Vegas, then Tuesday, February 26th in Phoenix.  An email announcement is also being sent later today to all Relocation Specialist customers.

The cost is $195/person, and includes a catered lunch.  Times are 9:00AM-4:00PM each day.  The Las Vegas Seminar is just after the RE/MAX conference and just before the LeadingRE conference in Las Vegas.  The Phoenix Seminar is the day before the Cartus International conference in Phoenix.

The agenda for both meetings includes just about anything you wanted to know about the Relocation Specialist software, plus a few things you don’t know.  Included will be a ‘Show & Tell’ (“Best Practices”) from Relocation Specialist users on how they use the database to their advantage.  Please see the email for more Agenda details.  If you did not receive the email and would like more information please contact Jennifer ( or Sue ( for more information.

To register for the Las Vegas Seminar click here

To register for the Phoenix Seminar click here

We look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming Training Seminars.  If you would like to participate in the ‘Show & Tell’ portion, please let Sue ( or Jennifer ( know.

‘Administrator’ will send Alert if Referrals are Deleted

Would you like to be notified if a Referrals table record is deleted?  Now the Relocation Specialist ‘Administrator’ will let you know the instant a record from the Referrals table is deleted.  It will let you know WHO deleted WHICH record and at what TIME it was deleted.

The ‘Administrator’ is a record in the Users table named “Administrator”.  You’ll need to ADD this record, along with the Email Address(es) and the Text Message address(es) of person(s) you want to be alerted.  Multiple Email Addresses and Multiple Text Message Addresses must be separated by a semicolon.  To view a Training Video on the ‘Administrator’ user click here.

Remember that to ensure others in your office cannot unexpectedly change the settings for the ‘Administrator’ user, be sure the other users have “Medium” or “Limited” as the setting for their ‘Access privileges’ in the Users table.  That will prevent them from gaining access to the Utility Settings page and the Users table.


New ‘Save To Contacts’ button

You asked for it.  Now you’ve got it!  How many times have you been entering a new Referrals table record and entered a new Contact that you wanted to add to the Contacts table?  You knew the record wasn’t in the Contacts table which meant entering it into the Contacts table first before being able to use it in the ‘Lookup’ pages.

Now the process is much simpler!  After entering the Contact info in the Contacts section of the Referrals List page, click the new ‘Save To Contacts’ button and a new record will be inserted into the Contacts table.  It is simple and very convenient.  Just be sure you’re not adding a duplicate record for one already in the Contacts table.

Enjoy, and, thanks again to our valuable customers making great suggestions for ReloSpec improvements!