New Feature: Add New Records with Defaults

Do you often find yourself clicking ADD NEW RECORD only to re-enter the same information repeatedly with other new records?  You can now save time by storing the default information and recalling it at the touch of a new button.

Here’s how:

  1. In the Client List page click ‘Add New (Classic)’.
  2. Enter the fields in sections for General Information, the Contact and the Referring Agent.
  3. Enter “Default1” in the Client Last Name field, and click ADD NEW RECORD.  (You may have a second default record in which you would enter “Default2” in the Client Last Name field.)

Once the default record(s) have been saved you’re all set.  When you want to use the default settings, click the ‘Add New (Classic)’ button, then click either the ‘Fill in Defaults(1)’ or the ‘Fill in Defaults(2)’ button to have the fields filled-in for you!

Enhanced Mobile Mode

Many ReloSpec users have used the ‘Mobile’ mode to view/edit records on their phone.  Thanks to suggestions from members of our Customer Advisory Boards we have greatly enhanced the ‘Mobile’ mode which may now be used on your phone or desktop.

The enhanced Mobile mode is the first step towards the ReloSpec ‘face lift’ planned for this page later this year.  The whole idea is to make things simpler and more efficient.  It all begins with the checkbox for ‘Mobile?’ when logging in.  If you access the login page on your phone, ReloSpec will recognize you’re using a phone and will default to ‘Mobile mode’.


Using your desktop when you login, click the checkbox next to ‘Mobile?’ then click the ‘Log In’ button.  After a brief (1 second) delay you will be automatically taken to the Mobile version of the Client List page.  The ‘Mobile’ page contains most of the features of the ‘Classic’ version but is cleaner looking and less confusing to new users.

Features of the Mobile version include:

  • ‘Call to action’ buttons at the top of the page
  • Your company name (branding) at the top-right of the page
  • The most-often used buttons at the top with ‘Other options’ droplist
  • The grid now displays up to 30 records instead of 6
  • The Notes and Tasks are still displayed below the grid
  • Clicking ‘Add New’ will open the newer ‘Express’ form which includes the Action Plan choices in the droplist at the bottom of the page. Using this form will insert the new record, schedule the Action Plan items and send the AutoPilot(s) with just one click!
  • Clicking the ‘Reports’ button will open the newly-formatted Reports page with reports arranged in logical sections. (You may still view the classic list of reports by clicking ‘View all reports’
  • The AutoPilots, Responses and Import buttons display the total number of each. If any of the buttons is > 0 you’ll know to click the button and process the records.

The grid shows the most popular fields, and includes the envelopes by each name allowing you to quickly send an email as needed.

We hope you enjoy using the upgraded Mobile version.  And remember, it’s not just for use on your phone!

Upgrades in the Works: Part 2

The design work continues with the ReloSpec software and our emphasis on the Client List page.

Today we’re addressing the ‘Quick Reference‘ section of the Client List page.      We want your input!  What are your thoughts regarding the items listed under ‘Quick Reference‘?  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.  Click here to take our QUICK REFERENCE section survey.

Last week we asked you about the ‘At-A-Glance’ section and your responses were fantastic!  More than 40 of you completed the brief survey and we learned a lot about what’s important to you.   Those of you that sent a response we are going to send you an additional message with more detailed questions about the sections of AT A GLANCE that you utilize.   We are not wanting to remove functionality, but we do want to reorganize the layout to include a top menu bar like you see on the Main Menu page.

Thank you for all your help!

Upgrades are in the works, and How You Can Help

As you have noticed the ReloSpec Main Menu page has changed with the addition of a simple menu bar.  The design change for the main menu page is temporary as we gear up for a complete overhaul.  Expect ReloSpec to not only look clean and modern but it will be easier to use and much more efficient.

We’re very excited for the upgrades that are planned.  And, that is where you come in!  We want your ideas and suggestions for ReloSpec.  We will be addressing the Client List page first.  That is where many of you spend most of your time and we want to make your ReloSpec experience much better.

We have separated the page into four sections which we’ll identify today.  They are the ‘At-A-Glance’ section at the top of the page, the Quick Reference links on the left side of the page, the navigation buttons above the grid and the grid itself where the referral records are displayed.

The At-A-Glance section is one we’ll address first.  Our thought is to remove it from the page.  Some of the links currently there would be either displayed on the Main Menu page or be available on the new menu bar or removed altogether.  We want to know if you regularly use the At-A-Glance box.  If so, what features do you like and which ones are not necessary?

We have a short survey (2 questions + comments) we want you to take to provide your feedback.  Here’s the link.

In future blogs we’ll address the other sections.  Here’s a preview of what we’re thinking.  You’ll be given a chance to share your ideas in future short surveys.  The Quick Reference links  and the navigation buttons will be removed from the left side of the page and replaced by a convenient menu bar.  The grid will be where the bulk of the changes will appear with clean, tabbed pages.  More coming soon!

ReloSpec FORMS are getting Smarter

Often ReloSpec users will need to send one of the FORMS pages to an agent or contact.  The quickest and easiest way to do that is to select the record in the Client List page, click FORMS, browse to the one you want, insert an email address and click SEND.  Easy!

But, then to document what you just did, you need to click NOTES, Add New, enter the info and click ADD NEW RECORD.

Now, ReloSpec forms are getting smarter.  Select the record, click FORMS and SEND it.  Then, ReloSpec will automatically add the note for you!  It will record the Date/Time, Who sent it, What was sent and to what Email Address.  We are now in the process of updating all the ReloSpec forms, and have started with the most-used ones.  If there is a form you use often that is not yet upgraded just let us know ( and we’ll move it to the top of the list.

Smarter forms will help make things faster and easier for you!

New Report: Scorecard – Opportunities by Agent

We’re very excited about a new report that provides more information about your agent’s performance.  The Advanced report name is ‘Scorecard – Opportunities by Agent’ and is listed in your REPORTS page.

Why this new report?  You have always been able to generate a report based on referral records where the agent was assigned and stayed assigned.  But that is not always what happens.  If the Assigned Agent was changed to another agent you weren’t able to track what happened with the original agent.  Now you can, and it is all done for you automatically!

THIS IS A VERY BIG DEAL!  Each time you assign an agent, a new Note is added to the Agents Notes table (not the Referrals Notes table).  The [Disposition] is entered as “Assigned” and ReloSpec knows to which referral record.  Once the agent accepts the assignment using one of the ‘AutoAssign’ forms, in addition to everything else, ReloSpec adds an Agents Notes record noting that it was “Accepted”.  Or, if the agent rejects the assignment, we track that along with the reason given by the agent!

So, now when the agent asks you why you don’t assign anything to him/her, you can run this new report and have ALL the results at your fingertips!

Click here to view a sample of this new report.  Notice it displays all Agents Notes and the disposition for each.  They are grouped by Referral record number, Client Last Name and Transaction Address.  You may run the report for any date range.  (Year-to-date is the default)

NOTE: ReloSpec began creating the Agents Notes this morning, so it will take a few days or weeks to build up the data needed for your report.  But, it is all in progress now and you didn’t have to do a thing!

Getting the most from your ReloSpec: REFERRAL SUBMIT FORM

This is the first in a series of blogs designed to help you get the most out of your Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) software.  Today we’re looking at the Referral Submit Form.

This handy form can make life easier for you in so many ways!  Why re-enter new referral records when they can be submitted to you by someone else?  The following are a few ways that the Referral Submit Form may be used:

  1. Want to have others like contacts and agents submit referrals to you?  Include a link to the online form in your Email Signature.  This can be setup with just a few clicks.  From the Main Menu, click SETTINGS, USERS, click the pencil on your name, then in the Email Signature field click the Auto-Create button and OK.  Your email signature is created for you including a link labeled “Click here to Submit a Referral”.  Whenever  someone clicks the link and submits the form, the referral is received in your ReloSpec IMPORT table.  This link even includes your own name, so the incoming referral is assigned to you.
  2. Want to generate more outgoing leads?  Include the link that is in your Email Signature on your company’s website.  Next time an agent lists a home for someone moving outside your area, encourage them to click the link and submit the referral online.
  3. Or, if the link isn’t on your company’s website, you can always select the ‘Referral Submit Form’ in the FORMS page and email it to the agent.  He/she can submit the form and you receive it in your Import table.
  4. Coming soon…  We are developing the ‘Needs Analysis’ form that your clients can submit online.  Think of it as a Referral Submit form for the client, but with much more specific information.  When you have a client who wants to submit their own page with their needs/wants you’ll be able to receive it in the Import table and assign the appropriate agent.  Watch for an announcement soon on the Needs Analysis form.

If you need any help with the Referral Submit Form, or have any questions please let a member of the ReloSpec team know.  We’re here to help.


Is Your Contact’s W-9 On File?

When it is important to know whether or not you have a Contact’s W-9 form on file, you may now track that in the Contacts table.  From the Client List page click the CONTACTS link on the left side of the page.  Browse to the record you want and click the pencil to edit.  There is now a YES/NO field labeled “W-9 on file?” where you may enter the setting.

What is nice is that when you select that record in the Client List page by using the ‘Lookup by Firm Name’ link the W-9 setting is also inserted into the referral record.  So, when you click the CLOSING INFO link you’ll see in the upper-right of the page whether or not you already have the W-9 for that Contact.

As a bonus, for those of you using the Images option, you may upload a copy of the W-9 and store it with the images for that Contact.  You’ll always have a copy of the W-9 whenever you need to reference it!

At A Glance… is Improved; New Quick Reference Guide

The ‘At A Glance…‘ box in the Client List page has been greatly improved.  This handy tool has been a great way to know how things are going in your database, well, at a glance.  Are you using it?  Do you check it often?

Now, the At A Glance… box has the following updates:

  • Responses    The Responses link shows the number of responses from agents and contacts that are in the Responses page.  The change is that if 1 or more of those responses is marked ‘Urgent’ by the sender, the link will have a yellow background.  This is meant to call your attention to the urgent responses.
  • AutoPilots with Missing Info    This link will display the number of AutoPilots that are missing the Email Address or the Form Name for the logged in user (not all people in your office).  Clicking the link will open and display the errant emails.  When the number of AutoPilots with missing info is > 0 the background will be red.
  • Agent Assignments Past Due    For agent assignments sent using the AutoPilot and which have ‘Response Required’ = YES, ReloSpec creates a new Task with the Activity = “Response”.  And in the Users table, each user may set the number of minutes that you’ll wait for the response to be past due.  When the responses become past due the number of them will be displayed in this link, and if the number past due is > 0 the background color will change to red.  (In this case, ReloSpec assumes you are using the ‘AutoAssign’ form sent by AutoPilot.)
  • Updates Past Due    This new link will track the number of update requests that are past due, as determined by the user in the Users table setting.  This setting is in terms of hours, so if you want to give your agents 2 days to respond to your request, you’ll enter 48 in the Users table field for Updates Past Due.  When there are > 0 updates past due, the background color will change to red.  (In this case, ReloSpec assumes you are using the ‘AutoUpdate’ form sent by AutoPilot.)


Also new this week is the ‘Quick Reference Guide’.  This handy reference is available by clicking the ‘Quick Reference’ link in the upper-left corner of the Client List page.  Simply click the topic you want and you’ll see handy step-by-step instructions.

Synchronized Records Enhanced

Earlier this week we announced the Synchronized Records feature and the responses have been great!  Now you can search for ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ and use the SEND button to insert the record into the other database.  But, even better, the two records are synchronized so that when the agent is assigned, then you and the Referring Agent will know about it.  When the Status changes or when there are changes to the Transaction Address, Est Close Date, Est Sale Price, Close Date or the Sale Price your record will be updated automatically.

Another new, related feature has been added to the Client List page.  Below the grid you’ll see the status of the record with regard to synchronizing with another database.  One of three messages will appear.  They are:

This record has not been synched with another database


This record HAS NOT YET BEEN SYNCHED with the database: [DATABASE NAME]


This record has been synched with the database: [DATABASE NAME]

So, by checking the ‘Synch Status’ below the grid, or as displayed in the General Information section after clicking the pencil to edit, you’ll know whether the record has been sent to another database.  In addition once the record has been sent ReloSpec will insert a Note so you’ll know the Date/Time it was sent!


Be Sure To Update Your ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ Page

In order for other brokers to find you, the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page must be updated.  You are responsible for entering the Cities you serve in the page.  From the Main Menu page, click SETTINGS, then click the link for ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’.  Enter your information there so other brokers can find you!

After Selecting the Other Broker, Use the SEND Button

Once you have used the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ from the Client List page, be sure to click the SEND button to actually send it.  ReloSpec won’t send the record until you are ready.  Once you click the SEND button the other broker’s database name will appear in the page.  Just click the SEND button and the record will be sent.

Training is available

To register for the 30-minute Web Seminar on using the SEND button next Monday at 2:00PM Central time, click here

To view the Training Video on ‘Editing your Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page, click here

To view the Training Video on how to use the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page, click here

To view the Training Video on ‘How to Use the SEND Button’, click here

Though not mentioned in this article, to register for the 30-minute Web Seminar on using the new AP (Action Plans) button next Monday at 1:00PM Central time, click here