New Feature: Add New Records with Defaults

Do you often find yourself clicking ADD NEW RECORD only to re-enter the same information repeatedly with other new records?  You can now save time by storing the default information and recalling it at the touch of a new button.

Here’s how:

  1. In the Client List page click ‘Add New (Classic)’.
  2. Enter the fields in sections for General Information, the Contact and the Referring Agent.
  3. Enter “Default1” in the Client Last Name field, and click ADD NEW RECORD.  (You may have a second default record in which you would enter “Default2” in the Client Last Name field.)

Once the default record(s) have been saved you’re all set.  When you want to use the default settings, click the ‘Add New (Classic)’ button, then click either the ‘Fill in Defaults(1)’ or the ‘Fill in Defaults(2)’ button to have the fields filled-in for you!

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