Getting Contacts Mailing List from Referrals

It’s that time of year when we get requests to produce mailing lists for Contacts in the Referrals table.  Do you need to produce mailing labels or envelopes for those holiday mailings?  Or would you like to send letters to thank your Contacts for their business?  You can!

There is an updated Advanced report named ‘Contacts in Referrals’ that will help.  You can filter for the records you need, export them and use them with MS Word in a mail merge.  Plus, this report automatically eliminates duplicates!

There is even a new Training Video that walks you through the entire process in just a few minutes!

November & December Training Webinars Are up

QuickNote is even BETTER!

QuickNote is even BETTER!

As you know by now the new QuickNote feature in the Referrals List page is a hit!  Many have commented on how helpful it is.  Now it is even better!

Now when you click the “N” for the record in the Referrals List grid, the QuickNote page opens and allows you to edit the DATE field if needed (it defaults to current date/time), an there is a new SUBJECT field where if you want to add a Subject you may!

Many are using the “N” QuickNote to Copy/Paste portions of emails they receive knowing that ReloSpec will automatically insert the HTML special characters to keep your message formatted properly and easier to read.