Pre-recorded Checkup Webinar is Available

Response to the web seminars has been great!  We appreciate those who were able to invest a few minutes to sharpen their ReloSpec skills.

However, many were not able to attend and have requested having a recorded version of the webinar available for viewing at any time.  We’re happy to announce that we have added the ‘ReloSpec Checkup’ webinar as the first item on the list of pre-recorded webinars.

To view the webinar, click the link on the Main Menu page for Web Seminar Schedule.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link for the ‘ReloSpec Checkup’.  Or, click here for a quicker way to view it.

New ReloSpec Report: BMA Variance

Another new ReloSpec report has been added: ‘BMA Variance’.  This report allows you filter by date range, Office, Referral Type, Referral Status and Subtype.  Among other fields it displays List Price, BMA Amount, Sale Price as well as the percent differences between List Price and Sale Price as well as BMA Amount and Sale Price.

For the math majors the BMA Variance is calculated as ((Sale Price – BMA Amount) / BMA Amount).  The percent difference between List Price and Sale Price is calculated as ((Sale Price – List Price) / List Price).


And speaking of ReloSpec reports…

  • Are you still trying to find the one report that gives you what you need?
  • Are you sure it is in there, but you don’t know how to retrieve it?
  • Are you frustrated trying to get the report(s) you need?

Please let us help you!  By now there are many excellent reports in various categories.  But, we know!  The one you need may be hard to find.  Do not despair.  Use the Help Desk to submit a request, or email us ( or or call Jim at 402/426-9542.  We want to help make the reports one of the ReloSpec’s BEST features!

ReloSpec Express Rolls On; More Fields, More Training Seminars

The new ReloSpec Express features are very popular!  ReloSpec users are able to quickly create new Incoming and Outgoing referrals and have all the ReloSpec extras like Action Plans, AutoPilots and sending of referrals to other brokers all done automatically.  It is changing the way ReloSpec is used!

After using Express, customers have asked us to add certain fields to the pages to streamline the process.  And we listened!  New fields such as Color Code, File Number, Alternate Referral Fee and others are being added to Express pages very soon.

And, did you notice the new FORMS being used with the Express Outgoing page?  By default the ‘Express Outgoing’ Action Plan is being run which includes the new ‘Referral Acceptance – Outbound 4’ form.  That form includes two links; one if the receiving broker wants to ‘Accept Online’ and another link if the receiving broker wants to print and fax the simplified yet detailed form.  If they accept online the acceptance comes right back into the Responses page.

Due to popular demand, additional Training Seminars have been added.  Click here to view next week’s schedule and register for the seminar(s) of your choice.

Synchronized Records Enhanced

Earlier this week we announced the Synchronized Records feature and the responses have been great!  Now you can search for ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ and use the SEND button to insert the record into the other database.  But, even better, the two records are synchronized so that when the agent is assigned, then you and the Referring Agent will know about it.  When the Status changes or when there are changes to the Transaction Address, Est Close Date, Est Sale Price, Close Date or the Sale Price your record will be updated automatically.

Another new, related feature has been added to the Client List page.  Below the grid you’ll see the status of the record with regard to synchronizing with another database.  One of three messages will appear.  They are:

This record has not been synched with another database


This record HAS NOT YET BEEN SYNCHED with the database: [DATABASE NAME]


This record has been synched with the database: [DATABASE NAME]

So, by checking the ‘Synch Status’ below the grid, or as displayed in the General Information section after clicking the pencil to edit, you’ll know whether the record has been sent to another database.  In addition once the record has been sent ReloSpec will insert a Note so you’ll know the Date/Time it was sent!


Be Sure To Update Your ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ Page

In order for other brokers to find you, the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page must be updated.  You are responsible for entering the Cities you serve in the page.  From the Main Menu page, click SETTINGS, then click the link for ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’.  Enter your information there so other brokers can find you!

After Selecting the Other Broker, Use the SEND Button

Once you have used the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ from the Client List page, be sure to click the SEND button to actually send it.  ReloSpec won’t send the record until you are ready.  Once you click the SEND button the other broker’s database name will appear in the page.  Just click the SEND button and the record will be sent.

Training is available

To register for the 30-minute Web Seminar on using the SEND button next Monday at 2:00PM Central time, click here

To view the Training Video on ‘Editing your Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page, click here

To view the Training Video on how to use the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page, click here

To view the Training Video on ‘How to Use the SEND Button’, click here

Though not mentioned in this article, to register for the 30-minute Web Seminar on using the new AP (Action Plans) button next Monday at 1:00PM Central time, click here


‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ and Synchronized Records

Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) has grown in many ways. Today there are more brokers using ReloSpec than ever before with more than 100 added in the last six months! With so many brokers using ReloSpec it is likely that your outgoing broker to broker referral is going to another ReloSpec user.

Today we are announcing a powerful new feature that synchronizes your outbound referral with the corresponding record in the “target” database. The target database is the ReloSpec database to which you are sending your outbound referral. This new feature is a free upgrade for all ReloSpec databases.

How does this work?

Let’s say you have an outgoing referral. When selecting the Contact (the broker to send the referral to) you would use the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’. In the Contact section of the ADD NEW RECORD page click the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ link. Enter the fields that help identify the target broker such as the 2-letter abbreviation for the State and the City in the Cities Served field. Click the APPLY FILTER button to display the brokers meeting your search criteria. Select the broker you want to use and click the button at the top of the page. The target broker’s information is inserted into your record. More importantly the database name of the broker is also entered into the record so that when you click the SEND button the target database name is automatically entered and the two databases are synchronized!

Now, when the target broker updates the Assigned Agent information, your database is automatically updated with all the agent information and you and your Referring Agent get an email with the Assigned Agent information. When the Status is updated you receive an email notification. In addition, whenever any of the following fields are updated in the target database, the corresponding fields in your database are updated: Transaction Address, Estimated Close Date, Estimated Sale Price, Actual Close Date and Sale Price.

What about the Notes?

Soon, any ‘Public’ Notes that are added by the target database will automatically be inserted into your Responses table where you may review them. Whether a Quick Note or regular note you’ll know what’s happening with that referral. Plus, when the Assigned Agent responds to an update request and the other user is processing those responses ReloSpec will automatically insert a copy of the response at the time you process them. This gives you a chance to view and edit the response before it is moved to your Notes table and is inserted into the target Responses page.

Advantages for the SENDING Broker

  1. When used with the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page the other broker’s ReloSpec Database ID is automatically stored in your outgoing record.
  2. When you use the SEND button the target database ID is automatically inserted into the Send page. Just click SEND and a copy of your record is inserted into the other (target) database.
  3. When the target database has selected the Assigned Agent, your database is updated automatically and you and the Referring Agent receive an email with the Agent contact info.
  4. When other fields in the target database are updated, the corresponding fields in your database are updated.
  5. When (Public) notes are added to the Notes table in the target database, the same note is inserted into your Responses page.

Advantages to the RECEIVING (Target) Broker

  1. You receive the Incoming referral to your Import table. (Nothing to re-enter into your database!)
  2. When you assign the Agent to the referral, you automatically update the Assigned Agent fields in the Sender’s record. You don’t have to take a separate step to let them know the details.
  3. When you receive updates from the Assigned Agent in your Responses page, ReloSpec will look to see if the record is synchronized and if it is, then when you ‘process’ the record in your Responses page ReloSpec will send a copy of the comments to the Responses page in the Sender’s database.
  4. Quick Notes and regular Notes that are ‘Public’ will automatically be inserted into the Responses page of the Sender’s database so they can review them when processed will be inserted into their Notes.

What should I do now?

How does all this happen? It begins with you having accurate information in the Brokers Using ReloSpec table. From the Main Menu page click SETTINGS, then click the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ button at the bottom of the first column. If you database does not yet have an entry the ADD NEW page will open and allow you to enter your information. Enter your information in each of the fields. NOTE: The ‘Cities Served’ field is VERY important. That is where you’ll enter all the cities you service. Think in terms of another broker looking for someone who works in the various cities in your area. You want them to find you! So, enter all the cities if they’re not already there. It is best to separate the Cities Served by a semicolon and a space.

You may have as many records in the Brokers Using ReloSpec page as you like. Some people like to group the Cities Served into different records while others put them all into one record. Either way will work.

Very Important!

In order for this to work you must use the SEND button to send your outgoing referral to the other broker using ReloSpec. That is how the two databases get synchronized for that one record. And, using the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ link to find and select the target broker is the easiest way to get the target database name into your record.

So, BE SURE you have updated your ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page in Settings.

Training is available

To register for the 30-minute Web Seminar on using the SEND button next Monday at 2:00PM Central time, click here

To view the Training Video on ‘Editing your Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page click here

To view the Training Video on how to use the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page click here

To view the Training Video on ‘How to Use the SEND Button’ click here

Though not mentioned in this article, to register for the 30-minute Web Seminar on using the new AP (Action Plans) button next Monday at 1:00PM Central time, click here

Web Seminar Schedule Is Updated

The schedule for the 30-minute web seminars (webinars) has been updated with classes between now and the end of the year.  The webinars are free and pack lots of great ideas for saving time with Relocation Specialist.

Why not take a minute now to schedule the webinar(s) you need.  Here is the link for the Web Seminar schedule.

Process Checked Items in Responses Page

You asked for it. You got it! In the beginning you could review the Responses page and click the button to “process” all the records you could see on the page.  (“Process” basically means that ReloSpec moves the records to the Notes table for each individual referral record.)

Then, we added the ability to process the records one at a time.  This has been a popular feature but many have asked for things to be faster!

Now, when viewing the items in the Responses page, just click the checkbox for each record you want to have processed.  Then, click the button at the bottom of the page that says “Process the CHECKED entries ONLY”.  Each of the items you checked will be processed, leaving the others you want to leave in the list.  You may process as many as you like at any time!

Now you can quickly process the ones you want and leave the others for further review.  Enjoy.

New Training Webinars Have Been Scheduled

Do you want to save time while using ReloSpec?  Do you want to learn about the latest (free!) features that have been added?  Or, do you want to brush up on something you should have learned a long time ago?

You can learn about the new ‘Show Agents’ link where you just enter the Client’s zip code and the Office(s) and Agents associated with that area are instantly displayed!  Or, how about the new Agent Lookup feature that allows you to search for ‘A-Team’ members or other filters?  Learn how to save time by using the Action Plans to instantly create the AutoPilots and other ToDo items.

A 30-minute investment of your time now will save you hours of time later!  Plus, they’re free!

The Web Seminars list has just been updated.  Click here to view the list.


ReloSpec Closing Page Enhancements

The standard ReloSpec Closing page has been enhanced (again).  You may remember that a couple of months ago we added the ability to change the Referral Status automatically after updating certain date fields.  The pop-ups that appeared haven’t been the most elegant and it was understood that they were somewhat temporary.

One of the issues was that some ReloSpec customers wanted a pop-up to appear after updating the Contract Date field so they could select “Contract” for the Status.  The problem was that some didn’t even use the “Contract” setting and when they inadvertently clicked the wrong button they had a Status in the record that they didn’t want.  Oh, those unexpected circumstances!

The following changes have been made.  Once you enter the date and hit the TAB key, the new pop-up page will appear after updating any of the following Closing Page date fields:

Contract Date
Est Close Date
Closing Date
Final Sale u/d Date

If you don’t already have “Contract” as one of Referral Status settings, it will not be available when any of the pop-up pages appear.  So, now after entering the date and hitting the TAB button the page will appear with selections you may want to use.

We hope you find the enhanced Closing Page pop-ups to be helpful.

Web Seminars Available for May, June

Want to save time by learning some cool ReloSpec features?  Is it time to ‘stop chopping and sharpen the ax?’

The latest schedule for FREE Web Seminars is now available.  Invest 30 minutes and save hours with ReloSpec.  The Web Seminars Schedule is available by clicking the link on the Main Menu page, or just click here to register for the class(es) of your choice!