Synchronized Records Enhanced

Earlier this week we announced the Synchronized Records feature and the responses have been great!  Now you can search for ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ and use the SEND button to insert the record into the other database.  But, even better, the two records are synchronized so that when the agent is assigned, then you and the Referring Agent will know about it.  When the Status changes or when there are changes to the Transaction Address, Est Close Date, Est Sale Price, Close Date or the Sale Price your record will be updated automatically.

Another new, related feature has been added to the Client List page.  Below the grid you’ll see the status of the record with regard to synchronizing with another database.  One of three messages will appear.  They are:

This record has not been synched with another database


This record HAS NOT YET BEEN SYNCHED with the database: [DATABASE NAME]


This record has been synched with the database: [DATABASE NAME]

So, by checking the ‘Synch Status’ below the grid, or as displayed in the General Information section after clicking the pencil to edit, you’ll know whether the record has been sent to another database.  In addition once the record has been sent ReloSpec will insert a Note so you’ll know the Date/Time it was sent!


Be Sure To Update Your ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ Page

In order for other brokers to find you, the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page must be updated.  You are responsible for entering the Cities you serve in the page.  From the Main Menu page, click SETTINGS, then click the link for ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’.  Enter your information there so other brokers can find you!

After Selecting the Other Broker, Use the SEND Button

Once you have used the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ from the Client List page, be sure to click the SEND button to actually send it.  ReloSpec won’t send the record until you are ready.  Once you click the SEND button the other broker’s database name will appear in the page.  Just click the SEND button and the record will be sent.

Training is available

To register for the 30-minute Web Seminar on using the SEND button next Monday at 2:00PM Central time, click here

To view the Training Video on ‘Editing your Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page, click here

To view the Training Video on how to use the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ page, click here

To view the Training Video on ‘How to Use the SEND Button’, click here

Though not mentioned in this article, to register for the 30-minute Web Seminar on using the new AP (Action Plans) button next Monday at 1:00PM Central time, click here


3 Responses to “Synchronized Records Enhanced”

  1. Diane Gerrish Says:

    HI Jen. I just tried the pull down for the Leading RE companies and they were there but not in alphabetical order! Will that be fixed?

  2. Jean Says:

    Will Cartus be added to the “network” drop down box? I see this in use for a number of other companies but it is not part of my drop down box list.

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