Want to Transfer Records from ReloSpec to Lone Wolf?

For those using (or planning to use) Lone Wolf, we want to hear from you.  We are considering a way to transfer records from ReloSpec to the Lone Wolf software and want to know how many ReloSpec customers are interested.

Our plan is to build an automatic link or API (Application Program Interface) between ReloSpec and Lone Wolf.  Once you enter the information in ReloSpec, it would automatically update the Lone Wolf software.

Would you be willing to pay between $100 and $200 for such an option?  If there is enough interest we’ll build the API and charge a pre-payment of $100 per ReloSpec database.  ReloSpec users who wait until after the API is completed will probably pay the $200 price.

If interested, please email Jim at jevans@prosws.com BEFORE Friday, October 18, 2013, and let us know the following:

  1. Are you interested in using the proposed API link between ReloSpec and the Lone Wolf software?
  2. Would you be willing to make a pre-payment of $100 prior to the API product release?
  3. Would you be likely to pay the $200 once the API is made available?

Your responses in the next week will help determine if we proceed with this proposed project.  Please let us know either way.

Thank you!

5 Responses to “Want to Transfer Records from ReloSpec to Lone Wolf?”

  1. Laura Fox Says:

    What is lone wolf?

    Laura S Fox, Broker Associate Arizona Best Real Estate 480-948-4711


  2. Brenda Colvin Says:

    Hi – I don’t know what Lone Wolf is. Can you please fill me in?

    Warm regards,


    Brenda Colvin

    Relocation Director

    American Realty Connections, LLC

    11350 Random Hills Road, Suite 130

    Fairfax, VA 22030

    Office: 703-352-9701 x. 2006

    Direct to desk: 571-295-7566

    Toll-Free: 866-697-3561

    Mobile: 703-581-8132

    Fax: 703-352-9705

    Website: http://www.arconnectionsrealty.com

  3. Lauren Glick, Relocation Dept. Coordinator / Ref. Dir., Coldwell Banker Pryor Realty, Inc. Says:

    ^ Same as the above – what’s the relationship between R/S and LoneWolf?

  4. Jean Sackin Says:

    I would like nothing more than to have an interface between Relocation Specialist and Lone Wolf, but am not certain our accounting department feels the same. I won’t be able to connect with them until next week.

    Based solely on our department’s interest, though, I would reply with a resounding YES!

    Jean Sackin, CRP
    Vice President, Relocation and Business Development
    McEnearney Associates, Inc., REALTORS

  5. PruOne Relocation Says:

    Hi….I let this slip as I was off. Please include our interest in the ReloSpec/Lone Wolf transfers Thanks

    Sandy Bitzer, Relo. Dir Prudential One Realty Centre 1012 Plummer Dr.Ste 301 Edwardsville, IL 62025 ph. 618-655-4100 x 2556 fx. 618-659-1200 http://www.pruone.com ________________________________________

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