ReloSpec Theme ‘Ultra’ and New Icons

There are now ten (10!) different Relocation Specialist color ‘Themes’ to choose from.  And the latest has something very special.

The new Theme is named “Ultra” and it contains the new icons being introduced this week.  Rather than the older-looking buttons with just the words on them, Ultra includes color graphics, words and ToolTips that appear when you mouse-over the icon.

To select Ultra, or any other Theme, do the following.  From the Main Menu page, click ‘Settings’, ‘Users’, browse to the user name, click the pencil to edit and in the right column select the Theme from the droplist.  There is a button there to ‘View Samples’ where you may see the various Theme colors.

Ultra is now the default Theme for all new ReloSpec customers, and the new icons will be extended to all themes except ‘Classic’.

ReloSpec Facelift Is Coming Soon

Perhaps by now you have noticed the new icon buttons on the Relocation Specialist Main Menu page. We hope you like the new look!

Similar icon changes will soon be viewed on the Clients page (used to be called “Referrals List”) and most related pages such as Notes, Tasks (used to be “To Do” and now labeled “Tasks (To Do)”, and others.  And, there are also changes coming for the Utility Settings (now labeled “Settings”) page.

The Clients page now combines the First and Last Names for the Client, Assigned Agent, Referring Agent and the Contact so that less room is used to display a separate First Name field.  These are for display purposes only.  The records have not been changed.

Also, the Transaction Address has been moved to follow the Client Name field in the grid and the radio buttons at the top of the page, which are no longer needed, have been removed for a ‘cleaner’ look.

Another change you’ll notice soon is that the links on the left side of the Clients Page have been rearranged with those relating to a selected record in the grid in the first group and other more general links in the second group.  ToolTips (messages about the link) have been added for each link of the left side and for the icons at the top of the Clients page.

You still have the option of changing your Theme so that you can use different color combinations.  There are currently ten (10!) different Themes (color combinations) to choose from.  To select one, from the Main Menu page, click ‘Settings’, ‘Users’, select your name, click the pencil, and on the right column use the droplist to choose your Theme.  You can click the ‘View Samples’ page to see the various color combinations.

If you want a sneak peak at the new icons that are coming for the Clients page (and most other pages), select the ‘Ultra’ Theme in the Users table, return to the Main Menu page, Logout and log back in.

We hope you enjoy the new look.


Add Some Color to your Referrals!

Want to add some color to your Referral records? Do you need to expand beyond the standard “Blue”, “Green”, “Red” and “Yellow”? Now you can! Four new colors have been added to the list. They are “Coral”, “Navy”, “Slate” and “Violet”.

You may use the color codes however you like.  Just click the pencil to edit a Referrals List record and select the color code from the droplist at the top of the page.  You may SEARCH by color code, and there is also a report (‘Activity, Grouped by Color Code’) which you may find helpful.

ReloSpec is Back

The issues are resolved and you are now able to login to Relocation Specialist again.

We apologize for the long delay.

Update on ReloSpec

It has taken longer than expected for the Relocation Specialist server issue to be resolved.  Our technicians are working to restore the service and we expect to have it available soon.

We know how difficult it is to be waiting for the application and appreciate your patience and understanding.  We will send another blog to let you know when ReloSpec is available again.

Slow Response Times This Morning

The Relocation Specialist servers are experiencing slow response times this morning.  We have identified the problem and are taking steps as quickly as possible to remedy the situation.

You may continue trying to login and use the software though response times may be slow.

Another blog will be sent when the issue has been resolved.  Thank you for your patience as we work through the issue.