Enabling Agent Access

For a long time we have had the ability to allow agents to login and have access to limited features.  The agent can login, then:

  • Have Read-Only access to records assigned to the agent
  • Send updates right away (without waiting for an emailed update request)
  • Send quick emails to the clients that are automatically saved in the Notes
  • Create new referral records that use the Referral Submit Form and are added to your Import table
  • Access the ‘Scorecard’ report for that agent

Now, allowing the agent to access ReloSpec is simple and fast!  A new field ‘Enable Login’ has been added to the Agents table.  Simply select the agent, click the pencil to edit the record and set ‘Enable Login’ to TRUE.  That’s it!  When you do that, ReloSpec will:

  • Create an ID/Password for the agent (the ID will be the agent’s email address)
  • Add the agent to your Users table in SETTINGS
  • Send an email to the agent with a link to ReloSpec and the ID/Password displayed

If you change your mind and do not want the agent to access ReloSpec, just select the agent in the Agents table, click the pencil to edit the record and set ‘Enable Login?’ to FALSE.  ReloSpec will delete the entry from the ReloSpec Login table (not from your Users table) and the agent will no longer be able to login.

For more information, click the Training Videos link on the Main Menu page and click on the ‘Enabling Agent Access’ link in the Mobile Access section.


ReloSpec Theme ‘Ultra’ and New Icons

There are now ten (10!) different Relocation Specialist color ‘Themes’ to choose from.  And the latest has something very special.

The new Theme is named “Ultra” and it contains the new icons being introduced this week.  Rather than the older-looking buttons with just the words on them, Ultra includes color graphics, words and ToolTips that appear when you mouse-over the icon.

To select Ultra, or any other Theme, do the following.  From the Main Menu page, click ‘Settings’, ‘Users’, browse to the user name, click the pencil to edit and in the right column select the Theme from the droplist.  There is a button there to ‘View Samples’ where you may see the various Theme colors.

Ultra is now the default Theme for all new ReloSpec customers, and the new icons will be extended to all themes except ‘Classic’.

Are You Using the Custom Email Signature Yet?

A few months ago we greatly enhanced your ability to customize each user’s profile, including the ability to create your own Email Signature.  We have converted all Letters that are available in the FORMS page so that they use the Email Signature from the User’s table.

Many have updated their user settings to include images, links to their email address and links to their company web address.  Some have even added a link in the signature to open the Referral Submit Form to allow addressees the ability to submit referrals directly to their database!  Cool!

But many have not yet updated their Email Signature.  Why not?  It is easy to do, doesn’t take much time and you can choose between four different templates to help you get started.  Imagine all emailed letters from your ReloSpec database having a signature that looks like this:

The Relocation Team

Barb, Kathryn and Tim
Outbound Referrals and Pre-Marketing Managers

(402) 426-9542 – Direct
(402) 426-2169 – Fax
Click here to Submit a Referral!

To get started, from the Main Menu page, click ‘Utility Settings’, ‘Users’, select the name and click the pencil to make changes. While you’re there you can change Passwords, choose between nine (9!) different Themes (color combinations) and make other selections to customize your ReloSpec experience.

Let us know if you need help with any of the Users table settings or any ReloSpec issue. We’re here to help you!

Adding and Removing Users

Adding a New User:

In order to add a new user you must have an open license.  If you are deleting/removing a user you now have an open license.  The other option is to purchase a new license by contacting Jennifer@prosws.com

  1. To ADD your new user simply go to the Utility Settings/Users/Red Add New Button
  2. Once you have ADDED the new user please scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure there is no “Yellow Error Box” telling you that username is already in use
  3. We will receive the notification that you have added a New User at which time we can enable this User’s access

Removing a User:

  1. Anytime an employee departs you must notify us.
  2. By Deleting the User’s information you are NOT disabling their access.  We must turn off their access on our end!!!
  3. If you want to simply change their password you do not need to contact us.  Please go to Utility Settings/Users/Red Update Button and enter a new password.
  4. Once you have transferred files from the past User you can delete that User’s profile.

Please See: