COMING SOON: Electronic Signatures for Referral Confirmation

Coming soon in ReloSpec, the ability for ReloSpec users to have a signed referral confirmation agreement generated in ReloSpec and returned as a PDF in the client record.    More to come on this subject by the end of the year.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Deleting a Client Record in ReloSpec

At ReloSpec, we have been getting more and more inquiries about tracking records that get deleted.    We have noticed that in its current format it is very easy to delete a different record than you desire and not even know what happened.    So we have made some important changes that will be live in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Here is what you will be seeing:


We will be removing the DELETE button from the home page of the CLIENT LIST page


Delete 1



We will be placing the DELETE button inside the client record and can be accessed when you click the PENCIL / EDIT button


Delete 2


  • Click UPDATE to UPDATE your changes
  • Click DELETE to DELETE your record
  • Click CANCEL to return back to the main CLIENT LIST page without saving your changes.


When you click DELETE, you will see a confirmation message come up that looks like this:

Delete 3


  • Click CONFIRM to finalize your deletion
  • Click CANCEL if you do not want to DELETE the record.


This change will now make records easier to delete, and more importantly, the ReloSpec team will have a log of all deletions to track users deleting records.


This is just another step in further enhancing the user experience.


Contact ReloSpec, with any questions.


Have a great week!

Makeover for ReloSpec Quick Notes

The ReloSpec development team has been busy redesigning the user interface for the quick notes area.  Quick notes are one of the most often used features in ReloSpec.    As a result, we wanted to help enhance the user experience.
Why do this?
  • It adds more modern technology to ReloSpec
  • It is the beginning of user interface updates
  • It allows for a lot more flexibility and efficiency.
  • It also will help prevent some previous issues users were experiencing due to session variables
How do I see the new interface?
Click on the N in the CLIENT LIST page
RS Notes 1
You will see a new layout

RS Notes 2
You will first see the NOTE HISTORY for the record for a quick look.
You can click RS Notes 3 to close the window if you do not want to enter a note.
You can click  RS Notes 4 to ADD A NEW NOTE
You will see the screen expand to allow you to enter data via a content editor
RS Notes 5
When you click on the NOTE area you will see you can add images, links (including videos, text etc like a word processor.
    The CLICK  RS Notes 6 and you will see the note in history.
Stay tuned, we will also be providing a way to DELETE and EDIT notes from the same page.
You will see this feature launched around 12 pm Central today.