Cartus Conference Update

Great news!  We’re back in the Round Table Discussions (previously known as the ‘Cracker Barrel’ discussions) at the Cartus conference next week. We’ll be at table #30 for the Round Table discussions from 1:30 – 4:00 on Thursday, March 4th, and in the Exhibitor Tent throughout the conference. See you there!

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No more Duplicate Records!

Our database just got SMARTER (thanks to Jim for some great programming)!

We know Duplicate Records drive you crazy!  Us too!

The Import page has been updated in two very important ways.  First, the page now checks for possible duplicate records between the Import table and the Referrals table by comparing the following fields: Client Email, Client Name (first and last combined), Home Phone, Work Phone and Cell Phone.

Also, there is now a link labeled ‘Yes-See Why’ which will open a page that displays the Referrals table record you can use for comparison and see what field(s) are causing the possible duplicate record. 

These changes should make it easier to identify possible duplicates and know the reason why prior to moving the record(s) to the Referrals table.

*Remember when adding a new record (not importing) on the Referrals List page, ReloSpec checks for the Client First Name and Client Last Name of the new record compared with all existing records and reports if there is a duplicate.  It will still ADD the record just entered.  It’s just that ReloSpec will let you know if there is another record or records that match.

Good Morning America! And The Winners Are…


The Starbucks Gift Cards go to:

Elizabeth Landgraf, Coldwell Banker Ackley Realty

Susan Parker, Comey & Shepherd, Inc.


Mike Schooler, Crye-Leike Relocation Services


(We are 13 people shy of being able to give away the 4th Starbucks gift-card, but we will as soon as we hit 200!)


AND THE $100 Dollars towards a Team Lunch or Happy Hour goes to

F.C. Tucker Company Relocation


Thanks to all of you who have registered, and please know you still might win!  We plan on having fun little give-aways through-out the year!  Thank you for staying current, and educated on all ReloSpec Software has to offer by reading this blog!  We love our customers, and we want to make sure you are HAPPY!

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ReloSpec Software at the Cartus Broker Network Conference

ReloSpec Software will be on display at the Cartus Broker Network International Conference in Palm Desert, CA on March 3rd and 4th.  We will be located in the Exhibitor Tent which will be available throughout the conference.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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New Field has been added

The [BPO Amount] field has been added to the Referrals List page.  This is the same field that is already on the ‘Closing’ page and the amount may be entered in either place. 

It has been added to make it more convenient for users to enter the number on the Referrals List page.  The field is located between the ‘Home Information’ and the ‘Special Requirements’ fields at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: The amount still needs to be entered as a decimal such as “300000”.  Any dollar signs or commas will be automatically stripped off, so if you enter “$300,000” ReloSpec will automatically save it as “300000”.  If you enter something like “300K”, when you try to save/update the record ReloSpec will display an error and allow you to change it to an acceptable format.

Images Option – FIRESALE TODAY ONLY!!!

For our FABULOUS Customers (and now loyal Blog Subscribers) we will be offering special discounts from time-to-time!

Here is a GREAT OFFER to kick it off!

Today ONLY if you purchase the Images Option  ALL USERS will have the feature added to their profile!  Normally each user is an additional $20, but TODAY ONLY we will let you have as many additional users as you want ON US!

Email Jim, and put “Images Option PLEASE” in your subject line!

(Please note, the maintenance fee will still apply annually.  If you do not want to pay the $10 annual fee for ALL of your users, please specify when you purchase which SPECIFIC users you want to have the Images Option)

Images Option

The Images Option allows you to upload and save images for individual records. Images may include any file you want saved, including but not limited to pictures in a variety of formats including JPG, GIF EPS and others, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and PDF files. There is a limitation of 4Mb per image.

    Highlights are:

  • Upload as many images per file as you like
  • Images may include scanned files like contracts and BMAs, pictures and other files
  • Limitation of 4Mb per image
Images Option Images Server License
(One required per database)
$300 $80
  Images User License
(One required for each Images user)
$20 $10

Do you use the Images Option?

For those people who have purchased the Images option there is a new feature at the bottom of the Referrals List page.  It now displays the number of images for that record.  Users who have not purchased the Images option will not see the extra message.

AutoAssign form has some new features!

A cool new change has been made in the AutoAssign form.  Two new radio buttons have been added to the page that the Agent submits.  The choices are Yes, I accept or No, I do not accept and a choice must be made before the form can be submitted.  When the record appears in the Responses page you’ll have a record of what the Agent selected (Yes or No), the percent the agent agreed to and whatever comments may have been added. 

To see this work, click the FORMS link, click AutoAssign, click the link the Agent would click to open the online form and SUBMIT it. 

 The results may be viewed in your Responses table.

You asked…we listened!

Expense Reports have a new field added

ReloSpec added the File Number field to the following forms: Expenses Report and Expenses Report 2.

New Product! Lead Specialist!

Want to have leads from your website inserted automatically into ReloSpec? 


AND would you like those leads automatically assigned to a pre-determined lists of agents? 


We would like to announce the long-awaited Lead Specialist option is now available!!!

This exciting new option allows you to schedule your agents for when they will receive incoming leads, or have ReloSpec cycle through a list of agents you select. 

When the lead comes into ReloSpec, the agent is selected, and a corresponding Action Plan is used to schedule whatever tasks you want performed!  Plus, powerful new reports provide the documentation you need!  The Lead Specialist option includes 3 parts: Post leads to ReloSpec, Automatically assign the agent, and new reporting features, and sells for $995.  If you already have your web leads posting to ReloSpec the software is available for $795.  There is no monthly fee, and the additional annual Maintenance will be $400.

For more information please email Jim directly,