New Product! Lead Specialist!

Want to have leads from your website inserted automatically into ReloSpec? 


AND would you like those leads automatically assigned to a pre-determined lists of agents? 


We would like to announce the long-awaited Lead Specialist option is now available!!!

This exciting new option allows you to schedule your agents for when they will receive incoming leads, or have ReloSpec cycle through a list of agents you select. 

When the lead comes into ReloSpec, the agent is selected, and a corresponding Action Plan is used to schedule whatever tasks you want performed!  Plus, powerful new reports provide the documentation you need!  The Lead Specialist option includes 3 parts: Post leads to ReloSpec, Automatically assign the agent, and new reporting features, and sells for $995.  If you already have your web leads posting to ReloSpec the software is available for $795.  There is no monthly fee, and the additional annual Maintenance will be $400.

For more information please email Jim directly,

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