Action Plans Help Streamline the Process

By now, many of you know the power of using Action Plans. They assign pre-recorded tasks quickly to your referral, and free up hours of your time. For example, let’s say each time you add a new ‘In-Buy’ there are certain tasks you commonly do such as send the AutoAssign form to the agent and schedule your update requests. As soon as ReloSpec sees you have added the new ‘In-Buy’ record it will prompt you to ask if you want to add the tasks from the Action Plan. Click YES and it’s done automatically.

But there are a number of ReloSpec users who haven’t created the Action Plans to take advantage of this feature.

Beginning later this week, there will be a new button in the Settings page labeled “Add Sample Action Plans”.  When you click the button, it checks to see if you have Action Plans for In-Buy, In-List, Out-Buy and Out-List. If you do, then nothing is done. What you have will not be replaced. But, if you don’t then ReloSpec will insert them for you.

Note: New ReloSpec databases will have the Action Plans already loaded.

The effect will be that when you add new records ReloSpec will prompt you to use the commonly used tasks for that referral type. You can say YES use them or NO don’t. Your choice.

There are even Action Plans for a change in Status. When a record is updated to ‘Pending’ or ‘Closed’ for In-Buy or In-List, another Action Plan will pop up that provide important reminders.

You may change (customize) the Action Plan Items at any time while in the Action Plans page.  Or you may rename them or delete them and not have them pop up.

We hope your use of Action Plans will save you time as you add needed tasks.

Time to Update: Brokers Using ReloSpec

It’s time to update your entry in the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ table!  Why, you ask?  Simple.  Do you want more people to find you and send referrals to you?  Would you like to know who else is using ReloSpec in different areas of the country?  With over 600 companies using ReloSpec it is likely that someone out there will want to find you and become your new BFF!

From the Main Menu page, click Settings, then click the button ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’.  If you don’t already have an entry there you’ll be presented with the ADD NEW page and you can enter the details.  The ‘Cities Served’ field is very important.  Enter as many cities as you like into that field.  You can separate them by a semicolon and a space if you like.  Then, once someone else is searching for a broker in cities you service they’ll find you!  You may update your own entries anytime.  You may not update entries for anyone else.  Just your own database.

Soon, we’ll be announcing synchronized ReloSpec databases and the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ table will play a part in the announcement.  You’ll be able to SEND a referral to another broker, and your database will be automatically updated when the other broker 1) Assigns an agent, 2) Changes the Status, 3) Enters the Transaction Address, 4) Updates the Est Close Date, 5) Updates the Close Date or 6) The Sale Price.

There will be more on synchronized databases in the coming weeks.  For now, be sure to update your entry in the ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’ table.

Update to Dead Reasons Table

In an effort to make Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) even easier to use we are adding new features and making a few things more automatic.  Today, we’re inserting records into your Dead Reasons table, if you haven’t used the table in the past.

After logging in, ReloSpec is checking to see if you have only 1 record in your Dead Reasons table, which before today was the default.  If there is only 1 record, ReloSpec will add 15 of the most-used Dead Reasons into your table.  That way, if you have a record that goes “Dead” and you want to track the reasons why referrals have gone dead, you may now select from among the most often used reasons.  The ‘Dead Reason’ field is in the Client List under the section labeled ‘General Information’.  You don’t have to use this feature, but if you want to it will now be more useful.

If you already have more than 1 record in your Dead Reasons table, no additions will be made.  If you want to modify any of the records in the table, from the Main Menu page click Settings, Dead Reasons, select the record and make the change.

Lookup from Agents table; Areas Served Enhanced

In a recent blog we introduced the ability to identify agents you may want to assign “next”, as well as the ability to view the ‘last assigned date’ for each agent.  Now, we are enhancing your ability to search for agents; this time with the ‘Area Served’ field.

In the past you could open the Agents page then click the ‘Areas Worked’ button to open the Areas Worked table and add the area(s) the agent works in.  The problem was that when using the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link in the Clients List page you weren’t able to search that separate table of Areas Worked.  This week we are in the process of converting all those agent’s Areas Worked records into the ‘Areas Served’ field in the Agents table.  This means that now when you click the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ you can search by the usual fields plus by Areas Served.

To update the Areas Served field, click the Agents link on the left side of the Clients List page, select the agent you want to update, click the pencil and fill-in the field.  You can enter whatever items on which you want to search on later, such as cities, geographic locations, zip codes or whatever.  You may separate the entries by whatever you choose, though none are required.

When searching the Areas Served field you can also use the keyword “OR” or the keyword “AND” and combine your searches into one convenient search.  For example, let’s say you’re looking for the agents that work in Omaha or in Lincoln.  You can put “Omaha OR Lincoln” in the Area Served field and it would display all agents that work in Omaha or Lincoln.  If you entered “Omaha AND Lincoln” in the field it would display only those agents that work in Omaha and Lincoln.

This great new feature allows you to search the Areas Served field when adding or editing a record, which you weren’t able to do before.

New Feature: Agent AutoAssign

Do you have a team of agents you want to assign referrals to in a round robin fashion?  Or, would you like to see a list of agents and know “who’s next”?  Now you can.

Select the agent in the Agents table, click the pencil and in the ‘AutoAssign?’ field set it to TRUE.  Now that agent is a member of the AutoAssign Team.  Then, when you’re in a referral record and  you click the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link you’ll be able to view a listing of Team members by clicking the ‘Show AutoAssign Agents Only’ button.  When you click the ‘Show the AutoAssign Agents Only’ button you’ll see a table displaying who the last person selected was and who the next one should be.  Click the SHOW button and the list will be filtered to the one agent who is “next”.

But, what if you want to select an agent from a specific office?  Click the SEARCH button, select the office and APPLY FILTER.  Notice that on the right side of the grid there is the ‘Last Assigned Date’ field.  Click the column heading to sort the selected records A-Z.  Click it a second time to sort in reverse order (Z-A) and determine who is next to receive a referral.

If you want to see the Training Video for this new feature, click here.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and find it helpful for determining which agent is “next”.