Enhancements for ‘Custom Financial Report’

Many Relocation Specialist users have appreciated the Standard report known as the ‘Custom Financial Report’.  This popular report allows you to select the fields you want included, filter them, then download the records to an Excel spreadsheet.

In the past each individual user has been able to save up to four different selections of fields using the radio buttons at the top of the report.  Now, you can save up to ten (10) different combinations of fields and you’re able to name each report!  Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the radio button you want to use
  2. Enter a name for the report and click the ‘Save Report Name’ button
  3. Click the checkboxes for the fields you want and click the ‘Generate a Report…’ button to save your selections

As always, if you need help with getting the report you want, please let us know.  The ReloSpec Team is here to help you!

ReloSpec Advisory Council Meeting Scheduled

Earlier this week we proposed a ReloSpec Advisory Council and the response has been tremendous!  Thank you for all your helpful input and encouragement!

Most of those responding suggested the following:

  • Meet once a month for a couple months to get organized, then once every 3 months
  • Have a separate groups for Cartus, LeadingRE and BHHS/Prudential/Others so we can focus on specific needs, but share ideas that all groups could use
  • Limit the number of Council members to 8-15 per group
  • Have a written agenda at least a few days before the meeting so all will be prepared with their input
  • Publish results of the meeting via email to Council members and make available to all ReloSpec users

So, would you like to participate?  Our first Advisory Council meeting will be a combined meeting next Thursday, March 13th at 11:00AM Central time.  If you want to join the meeting, please send an email to info@prosws.com   Once we have your email you’ll get a reply with the link to join the meeting along with a proposed agenda.  Here is the proposed schedule for Advisory Council meetings:

  • Thursday, March 13th 11:00AM Central; Combined meeting
  • Tuesday, March 25th 11:00AM Central; Meeting for Advisory Council, Cartus
  • Wednesday, March 26th 11:00AM Central; Meeting for Advisory Council, LeadingRE
  • Thursday, March 27th 11:00AM Central; Meeting for Advisory Council, BHHS/Prudential/Other
  • Tuesday, April 22nd 11:00AM Central; Meeting for Advisory Council, Cartus
  • Wednesday, April 23rd 11:00AM Central; Meeting with Advisory Council, LeadingRE
  • Thursday, April 24th 11:00AM Central; Meeting for Advisory Council, BHHS/Prudential/Other

We look forward to your participation in the Council(s) and suggestions for improving the ReloSpec software.

Are you going to Nashville?

Just when the dust settled from conferences in Florida and Nevada, we’re gearing up for another conference in Nashville.  It’s the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services BHHS/Prudential conference on March 16-18.  We’ll be in Booth 334 in the Exhibitor Showcase.  Be sure to stop by to say ‘Hello’ and see up-to-the-minute ReloSpec features.

We hope to see you in Nashville!

New Web Seminars Scheduled

Want to save time by learning some cool ReloSpec features?  Is it time to ‘stop chopping and sharpen that ax?’

The latest schedule for FREE Web Seminars is now available.  Invest 30 minutes and save hours with ReloSpec.  The Web Seminars Schedule is available by clicking the link on the Main Menu page, or just click here to register for the class(es) of your choice!

ReloSpec Advisory Councils forming soon

Many of you have asked about the formation of a ReloSpec Advisory Council.  You have asked and we have listened.  Today we are announcing plans to form at least one Advisory Council and possibly three.

The purpose of the Advisory Council(s) is to identify ways that Relocation Specialist can be improved to meet the needs of specific groups of people.  We’re considering an Advisory Council for Cartus Network users, one for LeadingRE users and another for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Prudential and other users.

We need your help in the formation of the Advisory Council(s).  What would you suggest for the following questions:

  1. How often should the Council meet?  (Once per month in a GoToMeeting format?)
  2. How many should be members of the Council?
  3. Does it make sense to have separate groups?  (eg. Cartus Network, LeadingRE, BHHS/Pru, etc?)
  4. How and when to report on Council activities?

Please let a member of the ReloSpec Team know your suggestions.  You may add comments here on the blog or email or call a Team member.

We look forward to your suggestions and participation.