Happy New Year!

We wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!  We look forward helping enjoy the many benefits of the ReloSpec software, and now is a great time for a brief overview.

We have updated our website, which is at www.ReloSoftware.com  So, why would you go to the website if you already use ReloSpec?  Simple.  There is a good chance there are ReloSpec features you don’t know about or aren’t using.  And, using the feature(s) would help you save time and simplify your life!

The home page of the website contains some of most popular features.  Even if you think you’re familiar with all ReloSpec features, click the ‘Learn More’ button to get additional details for each item.  The items included are:

  • Express Forms
  • AutoPilot
  • Action Plans
  • Update ‘Brokers Using ReloSpec’
  • Using the Referral Submit Form
  • Customized Letters
  • Create your own team of Agents
  • Monitor Responses
  • The Tickler
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Change your User Profile
  • Agent Access
  • Corporate Access

These pages are not meant to be for training but are brief highlights of popular features.  Please take the time to review each one.  It is likely there are some features that will help you in the coming year.

Let a member of the ReloSpec Team know if you’d like more information or help with any of the features.

Need to Know if an Agent Hasn’t Responded?

The ‘At A Glance’ dashboard has been enhanced and now displays the number of records where the agent hasn’t responded within your set time.  Let’s say that when you email an assignment to an agent using one of the AutoAssign pages, you want to know if the agent hasn’t responded within, say, 60 minutes.  Now, ReloSpec will let you know!

From the Main Menu, click Settings, Users, select a user name and click the pencil.  In the new field labeled ‘Agent Past Due Time Limit’ enter the number 60, or whatever number of minutes you want, and click UPDATE CURRENT RECORD.

Now, whenever you refresh/update the Clients List page, ReloSpec will check to see if any of your Responses you’re waiting on exceed the time limit.  If they do, they will be included in the count.  And, when you click the new At a Glance… link the Tickler page will open and you’ll see which records are included.  In this case it is filtering for any Task (To Do) record where the Activity = “Response”, and the MgrConsultant is the you, and the form that was sent was one of the AutoAssign forms and the time limit has been exceeded.

You can even select the record in the Tickler page list, leave the page open, return to the Clients List page and click the ‘Quick’ navigation button and have that record instantly selected in the grid.  You can click the pencil and change the agent or re-send the request or whatever is required.

When it is essential that the agent respond within a certain number of minutes, this new feature will display the records that require your attention.


New Web Seminars Scheduled

Want to save time by learning some cool ReloSpec features?  Is it time to ‘stop chopping and sharpen that ax?’

The latest schedule for FREE Web Seminars is now available.  Invest 30 minutes and save hours with ReloSpec.  The Web Seminars Schedule is available by clicking the link on the Main Menu page, or just click here to register for the class(es) of your choice!

Free Web Seminars Available for January, February

New Web Seminars are now available for the rest of January and the first half of February.  Are you willing to invest 30 minutes to save hours of time each week?  The Web Seminars are a great way to learn those time-saving features you’ve been wanting!

NOTE:  Most of the time in the past the web seminars have been on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Beginning this month most seminars are on Tuesdays at 11:00AM Central time and Wednesdays at 1:00PM Central time.  There is one exception to this so be sure to check the dates and times for the seminars you want to attend.

They’re free and 30 minutes invested now will save you hours later!  Click here to review the schedule.

Introducing AutoPilot Express; Send AutoPilots Without Logging In!

Today we are announcing AutoPilot Express.  It is one of the most significant features in the history of Relocation Specialist!  ReloSpec can now send your AutoPilots for you even if you have not logged in.  Do you have AutoPilot emails that need to be sent on the weekend or on days that you’re not working?  How would you like to have them sent for you automatically?

Imagine the time this will save you!  You can schedule update requests from agents or even schedule reports to be sent to your agents or managers, then have AutoPilot Express send them on the date they’re due.

How does this feature work?  We’ll add your name and other details to the AutoPilot Express Users page.  AutoPilot Express looks up the names on the list and runs the AutoPilots for each individual.  The process is repeated every hour throughout the day.  Let us know if you want to get a confirmation email each time the AutoPilots are sent.  The email will have your UserName and the total number of AutoPilots processed in the last hour.  (The default setting is to NOT get an email each hour.)

How do I get started?  Just let us know you want to use AutoPilot Express, and we’ll get it set up.  We’ll need your Database Name and name(s) of the User(s) who want this service turned on for them.  Just send an email to info@prosws.com and ask for AutoPilot Express.

How much does this cost?  It’s FREE!!!  We want everyone who wants this exciting feature to be able to use it without paying more to get it.  Just let us know and we’ll set you up!

June & July Web Seminars Are Available

Invest just 30 minutes now, then save tons of time later!  The ReloSpec Web Seminars are a great way to learn about great features in a short amount of time.  And, the updated schedule includes a couple new Seminars.

The Thursday, June 6th Seminar is about the new Agent Access feature announced last week.  Learn how to create IDs/Passwords for your Agents to provide them with Read-Only access to records you assign to them.  Allow them to provide updates, read “Public” Notes and submit new outgoing referrals!  The Seminar and the new feature is FREE!

The Tuesday, June 11th Seminar is about the new ‘Scheduled Reports’ feature.  (Announcement to be blogged here tomorrow!)  Learn how to schedule which reports you want sent to whom and when, then let AutoPilot do the work for you!  Again, the Seminar and the new feature is FREE!

Check out all the Web Seminars by clicking here and register for as many as you like.

‘LIVE’ Training Seminars in Las Vegas and Phoenix

Two ‘Live’ Training Seminars have been announced for late February; one in Las Vegas and one in Phoenix.  Here is your chance to meet in person with members of the ReloSpec Team and learn how to do all those cool things you keep hearing about.

And, for those of you who cannot attend in person, the Phoenix Training Seminar sessions will be available over the Internet!  You can attend the morning session (9:00-11:00 Mountain time) or the afternoon session (1:00-3:00 Mountain time) or both!  (Register for either, or both sessions below.)

Cost to attend either ‘Live’ event in person is $195 and includes a catered lunch, if paid by 31 JAN 2013.  NOTE: If the registration fee is paid after 31 JAN 2013, the cost is $245.  Within 1 business day of registration you’ll receive an invoice via email.

Cost to attend the Phoenix Seminar via the Internet is just $39 for each Morning and Afternoon session, or $69 for both.

Las Vegas Training Seminar (in person)
WHEN:         Monday, February 25th, 2013 from 9:00AM-4:00PM
COST:           $195/person; includes a catered lunch  (After 31 JAN 2013 cost is $245)
REGISTER:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/720623946

Phoenix Training Seminar (in person)
WHEN:         Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 from 9:00AM-4:00PM
COST:             $195/person; includes a catered lunch  (After 31 JAN 2013 cost is $245)
REGISTER:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/502914698

Phoenix Training Seminar; Morning session via Internet
WHEN:         Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 from 9:00AM-11:00AM (Mountain time)
COST:            $39/person   (After 31 JAN 2013 cost is $49/person)
REGISTER:   https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/280688002

Phoenix Training Seminar; Afternoon session via Internet
WHEN:          Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 from 1:00PM-3:00PM (Mountain time)
COST:            $39/person   (After 31 JAN 2013 cost is $49/person)
REGISTER:   https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/763367178

Click here to view the Proposed Agenda for the ‘Live’ Seminars

We look forward to seeing you at either Seminar; in person or via the Internet!

December Webinars are Now Available

Ready to invest 30 minutes in making your Relocation Specialist use more effective?  Attend one of our Web Seminars and see how much more efficient you can be!  They’re fun and they’re FREE!

And don’t forget to register for one of the all-day Training Seminars.  There is one in Las Vegas on Monday, February 25th and one in Phoenix on Tuesday, February 26th.  The all-day Seminars are $195/person and include a catered lunch.  To see the Proposed Agenda for the all-day Training Seminars click here.

To see the list of webinars and to register, click here

New Button in Utility Settings page deletes old ToDo items

There is a new button at the bottom of the Utility Settings page that is used to delete old ToDo items, and we are asking all to use it.  The purpose is to remove from the database ToDo items that are completed and that are more than a year old.  By removing these unnecessary records the response times will continue to improve as the database has fewer old records to sort through.

We recommend that at least once a month, someone using your database clicks the button and removes the unused records.  This practice is currently voluntary and will help maintain good response times in your database.

Button is located at the BOTTOM of the Utility Settings PAGE…alll the way down, under the return to main menu button
and reads:
NOTE: In an effort to reduce unnecessary database size
and improve response times, we recommend that you
periodically delete old (> 1 year) ToDo List items that
have been completed. Delete Old ToDoList Records …

New “Re-Send” button added to the Tickler page

A new button has been added to the Relocation Specialist Ticker page that allows the user to quickly re-send an update request to an agent

Now, when viewing the Tickler page, each record where the Activity = “Response” (meaning you are waiting for a response from the agent) there is a “Re-Send” button. 

Clicking the button will add the record to the AutoPilot page and allow you to re-send the update request or whatever form was sent originally.

Using the Re-Send button is a good way to re-send the request when the agent takes longer than expected to respond.