Web Seminars Available for May, June

Want to save time by learning some cool ReloSpec features?  Is it time to ‘stop chopping and sharpen the ax?’

The latest schedule for FREE Web Seminars is now available.  Invest 30 minutes and save hours with ReloSpec.  The Web Seminars Schedule is available by clicking the link on the Main Menu page, or just click here to register for the class(es) of your choice!

Scheduled Reports; Now Send on Any Day of the Month

By now many of you are using the AutoPilot to build your Scheduled Reports that are sent to Brokers, Office Managers, Agents and others.  On the designated date, AutoPilot sends an email with a link in the body of the email.  The receiver opens the email, clicks the link and opens the report.

The Scheduled Reports that are sent using the AutoPilot save time because you don’t have to generate the report(s) or send them to whoever needs them.  AutoPilot does that for you!

But, what if you want to repeat the AutoPilot on a certain day of the month?  How can you ensure that your monthly Office Manager reports go out on the last day of the month?  Or the third of every month?  Or any day you select?

There’s a little trick to making this happen.  When completing the AutoPilot in the ToDo page, do the following.  Use the calendar to select the date you want the AutoPilot containing the report to go out the first time.  Select ‘Repeat’ = YES.  In the field for ‘Repeat in How Many Days’ enter a “12” plus the date you want it to repeat.  For example if you want it to repeat on the third (3rd) of every month, enter “1203”.  If you want it to go out on the 15th of every month, enter “1215”.  If you want it go out on the last day of every month, enter “1231”.

We all know that some months have fewer than 31 days, but ReloSpec is smart enough to make the adjustment.  If you enter “1231” and the next month is February, it will be scheduled for February 28th, but then in March it will be scheduled for the 31st.

Let us know if you need help building your AutoPilot Scheduled Reports.  It’s really a matter of knowing:

  1. Which report to send,
  2. Who you want to send it to, and
  3. When you want to send it

We look forward to helping you use this great time-saving feature!


June & July Web Seminars Are Available

Invest just 30 minutes now, then save tons of time later!  The ReloSpec Web Seminars are a great way to learn about great features in a short amount of time.  And, the updated schedule includes a couple new Seminars.

The Thursday, June 6th Seminar is about the new Agent Access feature announced last week.  Learn how to create IDs/Passwords for your Agents to provide them with Read-Only access to records you assign to them.  Allow them to provide updates, read “Public” Notes and submit new outgoing referrals!  The Seminar and the new feature is FREE!

The Tuesday, June 11th Seminar is about the new ‘Scheduled Reports’ feature.  (Announcement to be blogged here tomorrow!)  Learn how to schedule which reports you want sent to whom and when, then let AutoPilot do the work for you!  Again, the Seminar and the new feature is FREE!

Check out all the Web Seminars by clicking here and register for as many as you like.

AutoPilot Items Now May Have Expiration Dates

The AutoPilot is one of the most powerful (and popular!) features of the Relocation Specialist database.  It allows you to enter tasks (ToDo items), then send them automatically when they’re due.  This works well for update requests from agents and contacts, drip email marketing to clients/transferees and other tasks.

Beginning today you have the option of adding an Expiration Date for your AutoPilot items.  In the ToDo page there is a new field for Expiration Date.  This is an optional field, and you may either use the pop-up calendar to select a date or you may enter the date manually (eg. MM/DD/YYYY).  Then, when AutoPilot runs and if the item is set to REPEAT, ReloSpec will calculate the date for the next repeated item as long as the future date is not after the Expiration Date.

The Expiration Date has also been added to the Action Plan Items page.  So, now you can set up tasks to be done in advance and select the number of days into the future that will be the Expiration Date.  In this case you’ll be entering just the number (eg. 60) of days needed.  This is an optional field and is required only if you want to set the Expiration Date in advance.

There is a new Training Video to help you get started with this exciting new feature.

Text Message feature is Enhanced

Exciting new ‘Text Message’ features are now available in your Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec) database!  In the past you have been able to send a Text Message by clicking the FORMS link, browse to ‘Text to Assigned Agent’, complete the text and SEND.  Now it is quicker and easier!  From the Referrals List grid, click the ‘TM’ link in the Assigned Agent Last Name field or the Referring Agent Last Name field and the Text Message page opens with the Text Address already entered.  Once the text has been sent, the text is added to the Notes table automatically!

But, it gets better.  Now you can schedule texts to be sent using Action Plans, and AutoPilot.  Do you want the AutoPilot to send a text to the agent, and schedule it in advance?  Now you can.  New buttons have been added to the Action Plan Items and the ToDo pages so that you can instantly insert the agent’s Text Address, then have AutoPilot send the text on the scheduled date!

All of this assumes you have the agent’s Text Address entered in the Agents table.  You’ll need to know the cell phone number and the service provider.  There is a handy list of service providers in the Agents table UPDATE page.  You’ll be combining the cell number + the service providers address.  For example, if the number is “4025906910” and the provider is AT&T then the Text Address would be 4025906910@txt.att.net.  Then, whenever the agent is selected from the Agents table, the Text Address is copied into the Referrals table record and is available for Action Plans or AutoPilot to use.

New Feature, Link Straight to Action Plans

There is now a new link below ‘To Do’ on the Referrals List page labeled ‘Action Plans’

That link will take you DIRECTLY to the Action Plans page and allows you to assign Action Plan Items without stopping at the To Do page first!

This was a suggestion from one of our users and we LOVED IT!  Keep the good ideas coming!


The Relocation Specialist Team

New Button in Utility Settings page deletes old ToDo items

There is a new button at the bottom of the Utility Settings page that is used to delete old ToDo items, and we are asking all to use it.  The purpose is to remove from the database ToDo items that are completed and that are more than a year old.  By removing these unnecessary records the response times will continue to improve as the database has fewer old records to sort through.

We recommend that at least once a month, someone using your database clicks the button and removes the unused records.  This practice is currently voluntary and will help maintain good response times in your database.

Button is located at the BOTTOM of the Utility Settings PAGE…alll the way down, under the return to main menu button
and reads:
NOTE: In an effort to reduce unnecessary database size
and improve response times, we recommend that you
periodically delete old (> 1 year) ToDo List items that
have been completed. Delete Old ToDoList Records …

How do I add a ToDo item?


  1. From the Referrals List, click the ToDo link on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Select your Activity from the droplist (eg. call, fax, email).
  3. Enter the due date; either using the pop-up calendar or enter it manually using the following format:  MM/DD/YYYY.
  4. WHO will be yourself, unless you are entering the information for another user.
  5. The Description should be a brief description of what needs to be done.
  6. Select whether the item should be repeated using the Is Repeating? field.  (Typically for ToDo Items where the Activity is not AutoPilot set Is Repeating? to FALSE.)
  7. There must be a number in How Many Days Field, so even if the item is not repeating, leave the number 1 in this field.
  8. Response Required should be marked as FALSE.
  9. Click Add New Record.

What is an ActionPlan?

ActionPlans provide the ability to add multiple ToDo items quickly to the ToDo list.

For example: Let’s say that every time you add a new referral, you always create 3 ToDo items:

1) a Referral Confirmation to the Contact

2) an Incoming Info Sheet to the Assigned Agt and

3) you set up an AutoUpdate form to repeat every 30 days to the agent. 

 ActionPlans would allow you to create an Action Plan (a series of To Do’s) that you would call “New Referral”, for example.  Then, when you create a new referral, you would click on the To Do link, then click a button labeled ACTIONPLANS, select the “New Referral”, then click the SUBMIT button and those 3 items get added to the ToDo list.

Adding Multiple Email Addresses in ToDo Page

Now it is easier than ever to add multiple email addresses in the ToDo page.  From the ReloSpec Referrals List page click the ‘ToDo’ link on the left side, then if needed, click the ADD NEW button to add/edit a ToDo item.  You’ll notice on the right side of the page there are buttons with labels for the various email addresses you may want to insert.  In the past, if you clicked more than one button, the email address would be replaced by the latest one clicked.  Now, you may click for multiple email addresses that get inserted for you automatically.  This makes it much easier and faster to enter the desired email addresses in the ToDo page.