Scheduled Reports; Now Send on Any Day of the Month

By now many of you are using the AutoPilot to build your Scheduled Reports that are sent to Brokers, Office Managers, Agents and others.  On the designated date, AutoPilot sends an email with a link in the body of the email.  The receiver opens the email, clicks the link and opens the report.

The Scheduled Reports that are sent using the AutoPilot save time because you don’t have to generate the report(s) or send them to whoever needs them.  AutoPilot does that for you!

But, what if you want to repeat the AutoPilot on a certain day of the month?  How can you ensure that your monthly Office Manager reports go out on the last day of the month?  Or the third of every month?  Or any day you select?

There’s a little trick to making this happen.  When completing the AutoPilot in the ToDo page, do the following.  Use the calendar to select the date you want the AutoPilot containing the report to go out the first time.  Select ‘Repeat’ = YES.  In the field for ‘Repeat in How Many Days’ enter a “12” plus the date you want it to repeat.  For example if you want it to repeat on the third (3rd) of every month, enter “1203”.  If you want it to go out on the 15th of every month, enter “1215”.  If you want it go out on the last day of every month, enter “1231”.

We all know that some months have fewer than 31 days, but ReloSpec is smart enough to make the adjustment.  If you enter “1231” and the next month is February, it will be scheduled for February 28th, but then in March it will be scheduled for the 31st.

Let us know if you need help building your AutoPilot Scheduled Reports.  It’s really a matter of knowing:

  1. Which report to send,
  2. Who you want to send it to, and
  3. When you want to send it

We look forward to helping you use this great time-saving feature!


One Response to “Scheduled Reports; Now Send on Any Day of the Month”

  1. Brenda Colvin Says:

    Hi – I would appreciate some help with this process. I think I understand, but want to be sure. I know the basics of the reports (what, who, when). Would like someone to help me “drive” the first one. Thank you.

    Warm regards,


    Brenda Colvin

    Relocation Director

    American Realty Connections, LLC

    11350 Random Hills Road, Suite 130

    Fairfax, VA 22030

    Office: 703-352-9701 x. 2006

    Direct to desk: 571-295-7566

    Toll-Free: 866-697-3561

    Mobile: 703-581-8132

    Fax: 703-352-9705


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