Add Images To Your Expenses; Let Corporate Users View/Approve

For those using the Images option there is a new feature you’ll find very handy.  Now you can tie the image to a specific expense.  Let’s say you have uploaded a receipt to the Images table and want it associated with a specific expense.  Just click the record for the expense, click the new Browse button, view images uploaded just for the one referral record your working on and select the one you want!

And, from the Expenses page you can simply click the image link in the grid and Preview the image.

But, there’s more.  Let’s say you have a Corporate client that needs to approve expenses.  Now the Corporate client can login to using the ID/Password you assign, select the employee record, click the (new, coming this week) EXPENSES button, view the image (ie. receipts, whatever), and click the ‘Approve’ field to YES.  The [Approve] field is the ONLY field that the Corporate user can update.  All other fields are Read-Only.  The field will be updated and you’ll automatically get an email letting you know the expense was approved!

Speaking of Corporate users, the ‘Referrals List’ page is being changed to appear more as a “branded” page for your company.  Instead of “Referrals List” the heading will be the name of your company, and your company logo will be inserted in the upper-left corner of the page.

We hope you ‘Approve’.

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