Referral Record Email Address on Add New Express Form

Referral Record Email Address on Add New Express Form

On  February 1, 2019

In order to improve the performance of the application,  make future product enhancements and ensure modern data standards are maintained,
ReloSpec has made a change to the Add New Express page.
We have made the Customer Info Email a required field.
You will notice the field Customer Info Email now has a default value of
If you do have a Customer Email please update that field to your Customers Email.
If you do not have a Customer Email, please leave that default value in the field.

Thank you from Relospec.

We appreciate your business and look forward to making interaction with our application simply outstanding!

2 Responses to “Referral Record Email Address on Add New Express Form”

  1. Jo Anne Conner Says:

    ok – odd

    *Jo Anne Conner, gCertified* *Network and Broker to Broker Referrals Manager* *24 Vardry Street, Suite 402, Greenville SC 29601* *864-678-5227 – Direct* *I get off at 2:00pm each day – if you need immediate assistance after that time, please contact Misty Taylor at 864-678-5362 or .*

    Click Visit Greenville SC AGENTS: Click here to submit a referral.

    *E-mails sent or received shall neither constitute acceptance of conducting transactions via electronic means nor create a binding contract until and unless a written contract is signed by the parties .*

  2. Says:

    This application should be completed only to add new personnel of record to an existing corporate license (officer only) or to an existing limited liability company (LLC) license (officer, manager, or member only). Only one officer, manager, or member may be added per form; each additional personnel must use a separate form. This form cannot be used to replace the qualifying individual, to report officer or personnel title changes, or to disassociate personnel from a license; use other appropriate forms for those purposes.

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