Find The Report YOU want FASTER

In an effort to expedite your ability to locate the Report YOU want –  WHEN you want it… you can now NARROW down the Reports we offer by choosing one of 5 different categories!  When you go to the Report Page please notice in the upper left-hand corner of the page you can now choose between:

  • Favorites
  • All Reports
  • Advanced
  • Standard
  • Miscellaneous

Your default is “Favorites” which will display your Favorite Reports as selected in the Utiilty Settings /Favorite Reports.

Advanced Reports for Relocation Specialist

Advanced Reports for Relocation Specialist

Today we’re announcing the availability of Advanced Reports.  This exciting new feature comes as a free upgrade for all Relocation Specialist users who previously purchased the Report Generator software. 

The new Advanced Reports are completely web-based and include new features not available before.  For example:

  • Nicely formatted reports may be saved or viewed in PDF, Excel or Word formats
  • May be printed or emailed as needed
  • Reports include column headings, groupings with subtotals and bar charts
  • Certain reports will compare current to ‘year ago’
  • Other reports include all activities In/Out plus Sales within same date range in the same report!

During the next few weeks, additional reports previously in the Report Generator will be added to the Advanced Reports list. 

To view the new reports, click the REPORTS link on the left side of the Referrals List page.  NOTE:  For right now, it is common for the first Advanced report to take up to 30 seconds to open.  So, be patient for that first one.  After that, response times are much faster.

To view the Advanced Reports (12-minute) training video, click here

To view the Training Videos page for a listing of current videos, click here

All ‘Standard’ reports you’re used to seeing are still available under the Category “Standard”.  All new Advanced reports are available under the Category “Advanced”.  All reports on the REPORTS page are grouped first by Category, then by report name alphabetically.

We appreciate the many suggestions from our valued customers which have led to the Advanced Reports option, and look forward to serving you better throughout the new year!

The Relocation Specialist Team

Client Address fields added to ‘Custom Financial Report’

The [Client Address], [City], [State] and [Zip Code] fields have been added to the Custom Financial Report.  Now you can search and display the Client Address fields in addition to the Transaction Address fields.

How do I run a report that covers more than one year?

To run a report that covers more than one year you would pull up Roster report in the reports list. Put in the dates you want to cover (ex: 01/01/08 through 5/1/09) and filter out any other parameters that you need. (type, status, subtype etc). If you want your report in date order, press the date heading on the report screen. Then press filter at the bottom of the screen and download your file to the Relospec file. Keep it the same name (Roster).

Once your file is downloaded you can run any of the reports in the list.