Viewing Forms in Relo 2.0

New Relo 2.0 Reporting Tool

Relo 2.0 – Clients – Additional Search Filters

Good morning!

Today we are launching updated search filters in the clients page. You will now be able to filter from any field that is displaying or click on the little arrow ^ on the upper right seen below ^ to expand the filters for even more options.

Let us know if you have any questions. Have a great week.

AutoPilots, AutoUpdates, AutoAssign important update in 2.0

A big change is about to be launched in ACTIVITIES under AutoPilots, AutoUpdates, AutoAssign in Relo 2.0.

Here is what to expect.
We have added Date Ranges for easier bulk processing.
We have created system defaults for the last 7 days in each section,
We have added other quick date filter options for you.

This update will help you become more efficient in managing all of the emails in the AutoPilots, and all of the non responsive email in the pending updates (AutoUpdates), pending approvals (AutoAssign) sections.

Constellation1 Relocation (2.0) Viewing Party

December 2020 – Relo 2.0 Updates

December 2020 Updates

Click to see all the updates in the following sections:

Quick Outgoing 

Quick Incoming

Referral Submit and Imports

Adding an Action Plan – After an Import

Activities > Responses Table

Relo 2.0 updates to Agents – Languages, Areas Served, Training

October 2020 Relo 2.0 Updates

The following items were resolved in October 2020

  • Clients > Notes – The search filter was not filtering but is working correctly now.
  • Clients > Quick emails – Added important people from the record as options like Contact, Manager/Consultant, Office Manager, Assigned agent, and Referring Agent.
  • Activities > AutoPilots – Created function for mass sending future AutoPilots.
  • Clients > Search – The search by Client Name was having an issue and is resolved.
  • Activities > Autopilots – AutoPilot display numbers now coincide with relo 1.0 display
  • Activities > Responses – Huge update in response that does not drive people away from activities and allows you to see an d update Referral Status, List Price, Sale Price, Estimated Closing Date, Closing Date).
  • Clients > To-Do List  Attachments are processing (being included in emails) properly when creating a new to-do
  • Home > Email tracking – Added Client Name as a column and have that link into the record for updating
  • ***Client name on any page takes inside the record.
  • Activities > Reminders – Updated the ability to edit the date of a reminder
  • Activities > AutoPilots – Updated the entire section into tabs so users do not have to scroll when working in an area.
  • Clients Display – Added fields for File#, Client Cell, add Client Email quick links added Transaction Address as searchable
  • Clients Quick emails – in Quick Emails we now pass the FILE # and CLIENT NAME in SUBJECT line, multiple image upload function
  • Clients Mass Email- Add the ability to MASS email all CLIENTS from an existing filter.  
  • Clients Add and Edit – updated Client tab records to all begin expanded to make them easier to find
  • Activities – Esign – Finalized testing on electronic signatures, having relocation contacts, and assigned agents sign documents. 
  • Added notification tool (bell icon) inside the software. Video highlighting how to view relo2.0 alerts from the notification bell

Email with any questions.  

Updated Activities Page Layout on 2.0

Relo 2.0 and other Constellation1 Relocation users please be aware that we are launching an updated layout for the ACTIVITIES page, based on your feedback. The first part of this update should be live this afternoon.

This is the first of a number of updates to the ACTIVITIES page (based of client feedback). You will see that when you delete a response, send an autopilot, complete a reminder or edit an action plan, you get to stay in that specific area you were working in without having to scroll. More updates to follow.

Network Viewing Party Invitation to HSF or LeadingRE members: Pre-Registration is required!

Constellation1 is hosting network viewing parties for HSF and LeadingRE members to walk through out new Constellation1 Relocation (formerly known as ReloSpec). You can pre-register below.

HSF – September 4th 

HSF – September 18th

LeadingRE – September 11th 

LeadingRE – September 25th

Some new features of note include:

• HTML editing on emails, signatures, and body of letter

• Smarter searching filtering

• Document storage

• Electronic signature

• Schedule reminders, calls and meetings

• Email activity tracking

If you are NOT in HSF or LeadingRE and want to view our new Constellation1 relocation product or if you have any questions then please email