Automatic Note When Sending Forms Manually

For those of you who are sending forms manually and need a note entered that documents what was sent and when, ReloSpec has the answer.  That is, for two forms to begin with.  In the past we have always recommended using the AutoPilot to send forms so that ReloSpec would document what was sent and when.  And, using an Action Plan is still the fastest way to insert a new AutoPilot item, even if it is for just one item.

But now, when you click FORMS, and select either the ‘Accounting Sheet Details’ or the ‘Outgoing Information Sheet w/Ack’, ReloSpec will insert a note into the Referral record with Who sent which Form to Whom.  All you do is open the form, insert an email address and SEND!

It is possible we will add this feature to more forms as they are requested.  Please let a member of the ReloSpec Team know if there are additional forms that should be considered to have this additional feature.

Web Seminar Schedule Has Been Updated

It’s time to review the schedule to see if there is a seminar that you can use.  Do you want to save time while using ReloSpec?  Do you want to learn about the latest (free!) features that have been added?  Or, do you want to brush up on something you should have learned a long time ago?

Have you been thinking, “I know there are things that would save me time, but I haven’t learned them yet”?  Now is the time!  You can learn about all the new features, or improve on the ones you already know.  A 30-minute investment of your time now will save you hours of time later!  Plus, they’re free!

The new Web Seminars list is available now.  Click here to view the list.

Wondering where those Responses went? (Send to Notes feature)

Are your agents telling you they’re submitting their responses to your update requests but they’re not in the Responses table? It is likely they’re already in the Notes!

A new feature allows you to send most responses that are submitted from the AutoUpdate form,  and other similar forms directly to the Notes table.  In the Users table there is a field labeled ”Send Updates directly to Notes?  (by-pass the Responses page)”.  By setting this field to YES, then all responses from the AutoUpdate forms will be inserted into the Notes table.

This feature is most often used by people who want to look in one place for all the latest notes on a particular record.  With this feature set to YES then you’ll be able to just open the Notes page to view activity and not need to also open the Responses page to see if there is anything waiting there for that client.

Need to keep track of Offers?

Do you have a need to keep track of Offers being made on a certain referral? Now you can do that!

A new link on the left side of the Referrals List page is “Offers”.  Like the other links for specific referrals, select the referral and click the link.  A new form and reports are being written to allow you to view the referral records and Offers made.