We’re Just Getting Started (again!)

As was announced last week, Constellation Web Solutions (CWS) has purchased Relocation Specialist (ReloSpec).  We are all very excited to be a part of the CWS family of real estate-related products and look forward to improvements and new features coming soon to ReloSpec.

As we are just now getting started, here are a few of the things we’re working on:

  • Email to Responses;  this new feature will automatically insert email replies to the ReloSpec Responses table.  Emails sent from ReloSpec will include the database name and referral ID.  When the recipient clicks REPLY and sends the email, it will be forwarded to a ReloSpec server that will extract the email content and insert it into the Responses page.  That way, the user avoids copying/pasting the email content into the referral record.
  • ReloSpec Facelift; Don’t we all want to get things done faster, be easier-to-use and look better?  Watch for a more updated ‘look’ with easier to use features.  We think you’ll appreciate the modern look and love the time-saving features.
  • ReloSpec 1-click with Express pages;  Okay, this one isn’t new, but if you’re not using the ‘Express’ forms on the Main Menu page you should be.  Why?  Because all you do is open the page, fill-in the fields and SUBMIT.  The Action Plan and AutoPilots are automatically run for you and if it’s an ‘Outgoing’ record and the receiving broker has ReloSpec it sends a copy of the record to their Import table!  Quick and easy!
  • FORMS and REPORTS rehab;  We all know there are too many forms and too many reports.  We are in the process of identifying the most-used ones so we can consolidate what we have while providing what you need.
  • Agent Access;  Did you know you can assign an ID/Password to your agents and they can then login, view only their own records in Read-Only mode?  They can send updates on specific referrals, submit new ones and even update their own profile information like phone and email address.  You may assign as many as you like and you may remove access to agent(s) as needed.


What about you?  What specific items/features would you like in ReloSpec?  We want to hear your ideas and suggestions.  We have set up a quick survey with a few of the items often mentioned.  Please take a couple minutes to complete the survey or  you can forward your responses to Jim (jevans@prosws.com) or Sue (sue@prosws.com).


Process Checked Items in Responses Page

You asked for it. You got it! In the beginning you could review the Responses page and click the button to “process” all the records you could see on the page.  (“Process” basically means that ReloSpec moves the records to the Notes table for each individual referral record.)

Then, we added the ability to process the records one at a time.  This has been a popular feature but many have asked for things to be faster!

Now, when viewing the items in the Responses page, just click the checkbox for each record you want to have processed.  Then, click the button at the bottom of the page that says “Process the CHECKED entries ONLY”.  Each of the items you checked will be processed, leaving the others you want to leave in the list.  You may process as many as you like at any time!

Now you can quickly process the ones you want and leave the others for further review.  Enjoy.

Wondering where those Responses went? (Send to Notes feature)

Are your agents telling you they’re submitting their responses to your update requests but they’re not in the Responses table? It is likely they’re already in the Notes!

A new feature allows you to send most responses that are submitted from the AutoUpdate form,  and other similar forms directly to the Notes table.  In the Users table there is a field labeled ”Send Updates directly to Notes?  (by-pass the Responses page)”.  By setting this field to YES, then all responses from the AutoUpdate forms will be inserted into the Notes table.

This feature is most often used by people who want to look in one place for all the latest notes on a particular record.  With this feature set to YES then you’ll be able to just open the Notes page to view activity and not need to also open the Responses page to see if there is anything waiting there for that client.

How do I forward a Response to the Referring Agent? Can I forward the Response to multiple parties?

When viewing a record in the Responses table you can click the edit pencil next to the “Response” in question.  On the right-hand side of the screen you will see a “field” that says “FORWARD”.  Here you can select from a few options, one of which is the “Referring Agent”.

If there are multiple people to receive the same update, click the blue DROP button, which turns OFF the droplists on the page and manually enter the multiple email addresses separated by a semi-colon.  Click the UPDATE CURRENT RECORD and when processed the results will be forwarded to all addressees.

If you know when setting up a particular referral that the same parties will need to be copied on the replies you can enter multiple email addresses in the Contact Email field of the Referral,select ‘Contact’ in the Forward To droplist and it will go to all addressees.

What is a Tickler Report?

Video Tutorials are available for the Tickler Page

The Tickler Report is basically your Personal Assistant.  Tickler=Reminder.  When you set up a ToDo item you are telling the system that on a SPECIFIC DATE you need to complete a SPECIFIC TASK.  That task may be an AutoPilot, a reminder to fax, call, email…..or just simply to check on a file.  In creating a Tickler Report we have taken the sticky-note and calendar reminders away from your daily grind!

So in the morning when you boot up and while you sip on your cup of Joe PRINT your Tickler Report and see what the day has in-store for you!

When you see AUTOPILOT you KNOW you need to check your AP Folder and send your items for that day.  When you see RESPONSE you KNOW you are waiting to hear from Agent’s so you can check your RESPONSE folder and see if they have replied. 

When you mark and item complete it will be removed from your Tickler Report.  When you send your AP’s they will be removed from your Tickler Report.  When you process Responses they will be removed from your Tickler Report. 

Now if you do not get to an item it will still be on your Tickler Report the next morning.   This page lists all ToDo items that are on or before the Cut-Off Date where the Completed field = FALSE.  

If you prefer you can also set your Tickler Report to open when you login.  Simply go to your User Profile in the Utility Settings and where it says ‘Do you want your Tickler to open each time you login?’ Click YES.

This is the same page that is opened using the ‘Tickler’ link in the Referrals List page.  The difference is that by opening this page from the Main Menu, the page will remain open until you manually close it.  If this page is opened from the link in the Referrals List page it is subject to being closed automatically as soon as you click a different link and open another page.  For example, if you open the Tickler page from the Referrals List page but then click the Notes link, the Tickler page will be closed and the Notes page will open.