Finding the Right Agent Just Got Much Easier

Need to find an agent who works in a certain area, speaks a certain language and has the proper training?  It is now much easier to find just the right person!

ReloSpec has always had the ability to track Areas Worked, Languages and Training for individual agents.  The problem has been searching across the various tables of agent information.  Now, ReloSpec stores the data in new fields in the Agents table and allows you to search across all the fields while in the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link!

In the AGENTS page you still have the buttons to edit any of the 3 tables (Areas Worked, Languages and Training).  The difference is that now when you click the ‘Return to Agents’ button an alphabetic list of the contents is entered into the proper read-only field in the Agents table.  This solves two problems we have had in the past; the ability to easily edit the contents of the field and the ability to quickly search across the various tables to find the correct agent.

Each time you click ‘View Languages’ you can edit the languages the agent speaks.  When you click the ‘Return to Agents’ button the languages you have chosen are entered into the corresponding Agents table field.  The same process applies to the ‘View Training’ and ‘View Areas Served’ buttons on the AGENTS page.

After you have selected an agent in the AGENTS page grid, look just below the grid to view the Areas Served, Languages and the Training for that agent.

And, the same search capabilities have been added to the ‘Lookup from Agents table’ link in the Client List page.  So now when you need to lookup the correct agent you can search across all the fields and tables for all agents!  You can even combine multiple items within a search field.  Say you need someone that works in either “Bellevue” or in “Papillion”.  Just enter “Bellevue or Papillion” in the Areas Worked field and it will find agents who work in either place.  You may also use the word “and” in the same field so you could enter, for example, “Bellevue and Papillion” and it would find the agent (or agents) who works in both.

These new features are in your ReloSpec database today.  For those who have already been using the Areas Worked, Languages and Training tables all the data is still there.  As of today however, getting the records from the 3 tables into the new Agents table fields is done for each agent individually which is a tedious process.  Within the next few days watch for a new button to be added to the SETTINGS page that will perform that function for you for all agents.

If you’re just getting started with the Areas Worked, Languages and Training tables, start by going to the SETTINGS page, click the button for ‘Agents: Areas Worked’ and enter the various work areas for your area.  This will create the list of areas to be used while in the Agents table.  The same goes for ‘Agents: Languages Spoken’ and ‘Agents: Training Classes’, also found in the SETTINGS page.

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