New USAA Forms Available

This announcement is for ReloSpec customers who are members of Cartus.

Effective today there are two newly updated USAA forms which reflect the change to the USAA Real Estate Rewards program.  The two new ReloSpec forms are the ‘USAA Welcome Letter’ and the ‘USAA Thank You Letter’.  These two forms include the wording suggested by Cartus.

Be aware that the previous form names ‘USAA 1st Letter to Member’, ‘USAA 3 Mo Letter to Member’ and ‘USAA 3 Wk Letter to Member’ have been revised and are still available in ReloSpec.  The ‘USAA 1st Letter to Member’ and the ‘USAA Thank you letter’ are the same form.  Many already have the older forms in their Action Plans and will not need to update your Action Plan settings to use the newly updated forms.

The new Cartus forms are worded so as to apply to both buyer and sellers which is why there are not two versions of the Welcome and Thank You letters.

Is Your Contact’s W-9 On File?

When it is important to know whether or not you have a Contact’s W-9 form on file, you may now track that in the Contacts table.  From the Client List page click the CONTACTS link on the left side of the page.  Browse to the record you want and click the pencil to edit.  There is now a YES/NO field labeled “W-9 on file?” where you may enter the setting.

What is nice is that when you select that record in the Client List page by using the ‘Lookup by Firm Name’ link the W-9 setting is also inserted into the referral record.  So, when you click the CLOSING INFO link you’ll see in the upper-right of the page whether or not you already have the W-9 for that Contact.

As a bonus, for those of you using the Images option, you may upload a copy of the W-9 and store it with the images for that Contact.  You’ll always have a copy of the W-9 whenever you need to reference it!

Learn about the AP Button and Syncing Records

Please join us for a special webinar on Monday!  The webinar will cover two very important topics; the new AP button and the synchronizing of records between ReloSpec databases.

Action Plans have been proven to save tons of time when managing records in your Client List.  Recently the AP button was added to the grid and the Action Plans feature has been enhanced.  The webinar will help you understand how to setup and use this time-saving feature.

There has been much discussion lately on synchronizing records between ReloSpec users.  People avoid re-entering data and they receive updates automatically from broker to broker referrals.  During the webinar we’ll discuss this new feature and how to make it work for you.

The webinar is this Monday, August 31st at 11:00AM Central.  Click here to register for the webinar.

ReloSpec FORMS and Favorite Forms

It is now much easier to add a FORM to your list of ‘Favorites’.  As you know when you click the FORMS link on the Client List page the Forms page is opened and the ‘Favorites’ radio button is selected at the top of the page.  In the past the only way to add a form to the list of ‘Favorites’ was to close the page, return to the Main Menu, click Settings, Favorite Forms then add the one(s) you wanted.

Now, to add a form to the list of Favorites, click the ‘All Forms’ radio button and click the green ‘Add to Favorites’ button in the right column.  That form is instantly added to your list.  Quick and easy!

A few of our ReloSpec customers were not able to view the form names in the FORMS page this morning due to the programming for that page taking a little longer than expected to complete.  All should be working properly now.

Watch for this same feature to be added to the REPORTS page soon.

At A Glance… is Improved; New Quick Reference Guide

The ‘At A Glance…‘ box in the Client List page has been greatly improved.  This handy tool has been a great way to know how things are going in your database, well, at a glance.  Are you using it?  Do you check it often?

Now, the At A Glance… box has the following updates:

  • Responses    The Responses link shows the number of responses from agents and contacts that are in the Responses page.  The change is that if 1 or more of those responses is marked ‘Urgent’ by the sender, the link will have a yellow background.  This is meant to call your attention to the urgent responses.
  • AutoPilots with Missing Info    This link will display the number of AutoPilots that are missing the Email Address or the Form Name for the logged in user (not all people in your office).  Clicking the link will open and display the errant emails.  When the number of AutoPilots with missing info is > 0 the background will be red.
  • Agent Assignments Past Due    For agent assignments sent using the AutoPilot and which have ‘Response Required’ = YES, ReloSpec creates a new Task with the Activity = “Response”.  And in the Users table, each user may set the number of minutes that you’ll wait for the response to be past due.  When the responses become past due the number of them will be displayed in this link, and if the number past due is > 0 the background color will change to red.  (In this case, ReloSpec assumes you are using the ‘AutoAssign’ form sent by AutoPilot.)
  • Updates Past Due    This new link will track the number of update requests that are past due, as determined by the user in the Users table setting.  This setting is in terms of hours, so if you want to give your agents 2 days to respond to your request, you’ll enter 48 in the Users table field for Updates Past Due.  When there are > 0 updates past due, the background color will change to red.  (In this case, ReloSpec assumes you are using the ‘AutoUpdate’ form sent by AutoPilot.)


Also new this week is the ‘Quick Reference Guide’.  This handy reference is available by clicking the ‘Quick Reference’ link in the upper-left corner of the Client List page.  Simply click the topic you want and you’ll see handy step-by-step instructions.