ReloSpec FORMS and Favorite Forms

It is now much easier to add a FORM to your list of ‘Favorites’.  As you know when you click the FORMS link on the Client List page the Forms page is opened and the ‘Favorites’ radio button is selected at the top of the page.  In the past the only way to add a form to the list of ‘Favorites’ was to close the page, return to the Main Menu, click Settings, Favorite Forms then add the one(s) you wanted.

Now, to add a form to the list of Favorites, click the ‘All Forms’ radio button and click the green ‘Add to Favorites’ button in the right column.  That form is instantly added to your list.  Quick and easy!

A few of our ReloSpec customers were not able to view the form names in the FORMS page this morning due to the programming for that page taking a little longer than expected to complete.  All should be working properly now.

Watch for this same feature to be added to the REPORTS page soon.

One Response to “ReloSpec FORMS and Favorite Forms”

  1. Denise Richards Says:

    Thank you for continuing to improve ReloSpec!

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