New “Re-Send” button added to the Tickler page

A new button has been added to the Relocation Specialist Ticker page that allows the user to quickly re-send an update request to an agent

Now, when viewing the Tickler page, each record where the Activity = “Response” (meaning you are waiting for a response from the agent) there is a “Re-Send” button. 

Clicking the button will add the record to the AutoPilot page and allow you to re-send the update request or whatever form was sent originally.

Using the Re-Send button is a good way to re-send the request when the agent takes longer than expected to respond.

3 Responses to “New “Re-Send” button added to the Tickler page”

  1. Denise Richards Says:

    Like this! Great time saver.

  2. jensheps Says:

    Thanks Denise, this was a client request and we love it too!

  3. sandy Says:

    Is there any way to add to the referral comments section a field to check(check box) if you have updated Cartus files? When I have to cut/paste and then add a note so that others know it has been done – takes too many steps…

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