Is ReloSpec logging you OUT?

There is a feature that helps keep Relocation Specialist users in compliance with the license agreement which allows only one user at a time to use an ID/Password. When more than one person uses the same ID/Password at the same time, the first user will get the following message:

“Someone else just logged in using your ID and Password.
To avoid violating your License Agreement, you will now be logged out.
If you need additional Relocation Specialist licenses, call 402/426-9542 or Email:“.

If you’re getting the message, it means that someone else has logged in using your ID/Password. We suggest you identify who in your office is also using your ID/Password. If that cannot be determined, then, once you’re logged in, click ‘Utility Settings’, ‘Users’, select your name, click UPDATE, change your Password and click UPDATE CURRENT RECORD.

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