Scheduled Reports: What’s a GUID and why should I care?

The new Scheduled Reports are an increasingly popular way of having AutoPilot send the reports you want sent to selected people at specific times.  One of the more popular uses of this feature is to send the ‘Activity, Grouped by Office’ report to individual Office Managers, and limit the report to ONLY the records for a specific office.

Introducing the GUID (Globally Unique ID).  A GUID (pronounced: GOO-id) is a unique 36 character combination of letters, numbers and dashes associated with each record.  They are necessary to differentiate Offices (or Agents) without revealing the Office Name on the URL.  For example if you clicked the link in an email that said, “Click here to open the report”, the report would open in a new Internet window, however without the GUID, the URL address would include something like “…Office=Omaha&…”.  Upon seeing that the Manager could substitute something like “…Office=Lincoln&…” and view records from another office.  Not good.

So, instead of revealing the Office Name in the URL we include the GUID, and get something like “…Office=8C79D39D-11F5-432A-B330-4FFDB1A4F3B9“.  It looks confusing to you and me, but ReloSpec reads and understands them perfectly!

The Agents and the Offices pages now have radio buttons used to either SHOW or HIDE the GUID for each record.  Why should you care?  Typically you won’t, until you need to build the Body Of Letter to limit the Office Manager to viewing only their office’s records.

If it all this seems confusing, don’t worry, be happy, and contact a member of the ReloSpec Team for help with building your Scheduled Reports.

2 Responses to “Scheduled Reports: What’s a GUID and why should I care?”

  1. Nancy Harmann Says:

    When will this be rolled out and will you have a webinar showing us how to set it up.

    • James Evans Says:

      Hi Nancy, We’re planning another couple webinars on this for Tuesday and Thursday, July 9th and 11th. You can register now by clicking the ‘Training Seminars’ link on the ReloSpec Main Menu page. It’s the ‘Best Practices…Tips to Save Time’ webinars. Plus a Training Video will be available by Tuesday next week.

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