New Web Seminars Now Available

New Web Seminars are now available for the rest of July and August.  Are you willing to invest 30 minutes to save hours of time each week?  The Web Seminars are a great way to learn those time-saving features you’ve been wanting!

Click here to register for your choice(s) of the Web Seminars

In addition to the normal Tuesday/Thursday Webinars we have added Monday/Wednesday webinars for Agents.  As you should know, agents may now login to and have Read-Only access to their own records.  You can have your agents go to and register for the Monday (July 22nd) or Wednesday (July 24th) webinar.  Or, you can have them go to the Training Videos page at and have them click the new link near the bottom of the page labeled “Instruction for Agents”.  They’ll be shown a 3 1/2 minute video on how to use the Agent Access feature.


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