Change in Referral Generates Note

From time to time we are asked if there is a way for ReloSpec to document when a certain change was made in the referral record and who made the change.  Now the answer is ‘Yes’.

Whenever a change is made in the Referral Type, Status, Agent or Firm then ReloSpec will automatically add a note that includes who made the change, the date/time it was made, what the previous value was and the new value.  Automatic changes made in the Closing page will also be documented.

Now when you want to know, for example, when a record was changed for one agent to another, or from one Status to a new one you’ll be able to find it in the Notes.

‘Previous Referral Type’ field now available

The ‘Previous Referral Type’ field has been added to the Referrals List page. It is next to the ‘Referral Type’ field.  This new field will allow you to record what the previous Type was and store it with the record.

Say you have a “BMA” which changes to an “In-List”, and later you’ll want to run a report that shows how many records that started as a BMA turned into a different type of sale.  Now you can track those changes with the new ‘Previous Referral Type’ field.

A new ‘Previous Referral Type’ (Advanced) report will be available soon.

‘Combined Summary’ Report Now Even Better

The reaction to the new ‘Combined Summary’ report has been great! If you haven’t checked out this new Advanced report you should. It can save you a lot of time gathering the information you need.

And now, it’s even better.  The Conversion Percent has been added to the Year-To-Date section of the report so now you’ll instantly see the total number sent/received, the total number closed and the Conversion Percent.

In addition, a fourth grouping of results for “Buyer”, “Seller” and “Renter” is now shown in the Year-To-Date section for sent/received and for sales.

Thanks to all who gave suggestions for improving a great report.

New ‘Combined Summary’ Report Now Available

Looking for a “go to” report that combines multiple details into one concise, easy-to-use report?  After getting input from many ReloSpec customers we have created the ‘Combined Summary’ report. This valuable Advanced report displays a summary of records received and closed for the current week as compared to Year-To-Date results.

The first section shows records received/sent this week grouped by Office, a separate grouping of the same records by Referral Type and another Grouping by Category/Affinity.  Then, in the same group, records that closed this week with three groupings; Office, Referral Type and Category/Affinity.

The second section show the same groupings as the first section but this time showing Year-T0-Date.  The third section lists all ‘Pending’ records.

Each of the individual groupings has a little “+” sign that allows you to drill down for more detail if desired.  And, users may filter the records by changing date ranges for the week or the year, Referral Type, Referral Status, Subtype, MgrConsultant, or Office.

To view a copy of this powerful new report click here.  It is now listed in your Reports page as ‘Combined Summary’.  Check it out!

Contract Date field added to AutoUpdate form

One of the most popular ReloSpec forms is the ‘AutoUpdate’ form which is emailed to the agent.  The agent opens the email, clicks the link, fills out the form and clicks SUBMIT.  The form results come right back into the database.

At the bottom of the form are additional fields that allow the agent to submit the Transaction Address, Est Close Date, Est Sale Price, Sale Price and Actual Close Date.  Those form fields automatically update the corresponding fields in the database record.

Now the Contract Date has been added to both the AutoUpdate and the AutoUpdate2 forms.  Upon submitting the form, the corresponding field in the Closing page will now also be updated.