New ‘Combined Summary’ Report Now Available

Looking for a “go to” report that combines multiple details into one concise, easy-to-use report?  After getting input from many ReloSpec customers we have created the ‘Combined Summary’ report. This valuable Advanced report displays a summary of records received and closed for the current week as compared to Year-To-Date results.

The first section shows records received/sent this week grouped by Office, a separate grouping of the same records by Referral Type and another Grouping by Category/Affinity.  Then, in the same group, records that closed this week with three groupings; Office, Referral Type and Category/Affinity.

The second section show the same groupings as the first section but this time showing Year-T0-Date.  The third section lists all ‘Pending’ records.

Each of the individual groupings has a little “+” sign that allows you to drill down for more detail if desired.  And, users may filter the records by changing date ranges for the week or the year, Referral Type, Referral Status, Subtype, MgrConsultant, or Office.

To view a copy of this powerful new report click here.  It is now listed in your Reports page as ‘Combined Summary’.  Check it out!

2 Responses to “New ‘Combined Summary’ Report Now Available”

  1. Brenda Johnston Says:

    I love this new report. Thank you,
    Brenda Johnston

  2. Adrienne Caron Says:

    It’s the best report ever!!! Thank you so much! You just saved me a lot of time!

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