ReloSpec Express Rolls On; More Fields, More Training Seminars

The new ReloSpec Express features are very popular!  ReloSpec users are able to quickly create new Incoming and Outgoing referrals and have all the ReloSpec extras like Action Plans, AutoPilots and sending of referrals to other brokers all done automatically.  It is changing the way ReloSpec is used!

After using Express, customers have asked us to add certain fields to the pages to streamline the process.  And we listened!  New fields such as Color Code, File Number, Alternate Referral Fee and others are being added to Express pages very soon.

And, did you notice the new FORMS being used with the Express Outgoing page?  By default the ‘Express Outgoing’ Action Plan is being run which includes the new ‘Referral Acceptance – Outbound 4’ form.  That form includes two links; one if the receiving broker wants to ‘Accept Online’ and another link if the receiving broker wants to print and fax the simplified yet detailed form.  If they accept online the acceptance comes right back into the Responses page.

Due to popular demand, additional Training Seminars have been added.  Click here to view next week’s schedule and register for the seminar(s) of your choice.

ReloSpec Express Training Seminars this Thursday

Now that the ReloSpec Express features have been released you may want to take advantage of the Basic and Advanced Training Seminars scheduled for this Thursday.  The Basic seminar is at 11:00AM Central time, and the Advanced seminar is at Noon Central time.

Entering Outgoing and Incoming referrals, and accepting referrals from your Import page just got a LOT easier and faster with the new ReloSpec Express. Learn the Ins and Outs of this new feature.

And, then, once you know how to put in a referral, learn some of the features and shortcuts that will take you a few steps further in automating your ReloSpec.

Click here to register for one or both seminars.

ReloSpec Express Expanded to Import Page

The new ReloSpec Express links were introduced last week and the response has been tremendous!  ReloSpec users are using the new Incoming and Outgoing Express pages to quickly insert new records, apply Action Plans, send AutoPilots and send broker-to-broker referrals to other ReloSpec users – All in one quick, easy step.

Now the Express features have been expanded to the Import page.  When you receive referrals from people using the Referral Submit form, or from other brokers or from your website or wherever, you’ll instantly know the number of records for you to review.  The Express link labeled ‘Accept Incoming Referrals’ will display the total number of records in the Import table.

Click the link and you’ll see the record(s).  Now, click the SELECT button and the record will appear in an Express Incoming page.  There  you can select an agent, assign an Action Plan or update the record as needed.  When you’re ready, click the ACCEPT button and the record is moved to the Referrals table, the Action Plan is run and the AutoPilots are sent!  Quick and easy!

The Express links are all found on the Main Menu (Landing) page.  They’re designed to help you get new referrals handled quickly without making multiple ‘stops’ to select the Action Plan, send AutoPilots, etc.

NOTE: When you login, if you are taking immediately to the Client List page and the AutoPilot page is opened for you, you may be missing the Express links altogether.  The reason this happens is because you have that option selected in the Users table.  If you want to stay at the Main Menu page and access the Express links, go to the SETTINGS page, click USERS, select your user name, click the pencil and change the setting for ‘Display AutoPilots upon Login’ to NO.  Then, when you login you’ll remain at the new Main Menu page with the Express links.

ReloSpec Express Has Arrived

Entering Outgoing and Incoming referrals, and accepting referrals from your Import page just got a LOT easier and faster with the new ReloSpec Express features.  With ‘Express’ you pass right by the multiple stops for Action Plans, AutoPilots and the SEND button and complete the tasks in one step!

All Express features are available right on the Main Menu page.  Just login and you’ll see the new links.  Click here to see the new Video Training page with the Express Introduction video (4 minutes).

For a new Outgoing referral, just click the link and use the buttons to lookup the Contact and Agent, fill-in the client information and click the SUBMIT button.  ReloSpec will save the record to your database, run the Action Plan, send the AutoPilots and if the record is going to another broker using ReloSpec it will be sent for you.  Click here to see the new Video Training page with the ‘Send Outgoing Referral’ training video (3 minutes).

Starting a new Incoming referral is similar to the Outgoing page.  Just click the link, fill out the form and SUBMIT.  ReloSpec will save the record, run the Action Plan and send the AutoPilots.  Quick and easy!  Click here to see the new Video Training page with the ‘Create Incoming Referral’ training video (3 minutes).

Accepting a referral that was sent to your Import table is quick and easy.  Click the ‘Accept Incoming Referrals’ link to open the updated Import page.  Click the SELECT button on the record you want to accept.  A page similar to the Express Incoming Referral page opens and the fields are filled-in with what was sent to you.  On that same page you can assign an agent if needed and select the Action Plan to be run.  (The ‘Express Incoming’ Action Plan is the default.)  The training video for this feature will be available very soon.  Find it by clicking the ‘Training Videos’ link on the Main Menu page.

From any of the new pages you may use the new default Action Plans for each page or you may select the one you want from the droplist.  Your choice.  The default Action Plans use the new simplified forms for Outgoing and Incoming referrals.

If you choose not to use the Express links on the Main Menu page, all pages you’re used to using are still available by clicking the CLIENTS icon, same as before.  Nothing has been taken away.  New time-saving features have been added.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The default Action Plans (Express Outgoing and Express Incoming) are also new and need to be loaded in your database for them to be available.

  1. From the Main Menu, click the SETTINGS icon
  2. Click ‘Get Standard Action Plans’ in the right column
  3. Click the START button at the bottom of the page, scroll down the page and click the CLOSE button when it appears.
  4. All standard Action Plans will be loaded for you.  If you already have an Action Plan with the same name as the standard Action Plan, ReloSpec will skip over that one and import only the one(s) you are missing.

We hope you enjoy the newest time-saving features included in the Express links.

ReloSpec Express coming soon

Get there faster and easier with ReloSpec Express.  Today we are announcing ReloSpec Express and plan to have it available within the next couple weeks.

We’re very excited about these new features.  You may never use ReloSpec the same way again!

ReloSpec Express is a set of tools that will help you complete everyday tasks in much less time.  Think of it as riding the express train and bypassing stops to get to your destination faster!  Imagine completing new outgoing referrals in a fraction of the time it takes now.  Accepting Incoming referrals will be quick and easy.

Imagine clicking a link from the Main Menu page, fill out a form and have ReloSpec execute an Action Plan, send the AutoPilots and SEND the record to the other broker all automatically.  You just fill out the form and the rest is done for you!

If you want to continue using the Standard ReloSpec features and make decisions at each stop you can.  Or you can use the Express forms and complete the tasks much faster.

The ReloSpec Express features will be available to all ReloSpec users at no additional cost.  We’ll let you know when it is available.  Get ready to ‘board the Express’ very soon.