ReloSpec Express Expanded to Import Page

The new ReloSpec Express links were introduced last week and the response has been tremendous!  ReloSpec users are using the new Incoming and Outgoing Express pages to quickly insert new records, apply Action Plans, send AutoPilots and send broker-to-broker referrals to other ReloSpec users – All in one quick, easy step.

Now the Express features have been expanded to the Import page.  When you receive referrals from people using the Referral Submit form, or from other brokers or from your website or wherever, you’ll instantly know the number of records for you to review.  The Express link labeled ‘Accept Incoming Referrals’ will display the total number of records in the Import table.

Click the link and you’ll see the record(s).  Now, click the SELECT button and the record will appear in an Express Incoming page.  There  you can select an agent, assign an Action Plan or update the record as needed.  When you’re ready, click the ACCEPT button and the record is moved to the Referrals table, the Action Plan is run and the AutoPilots are sent!  Quick and easy!

The Express links are all found on the Main Menu (Landing) page.  They’re designed to help you get new referrals handled quickly without making multiple ‘stops’ to select the Action Plan, send AutoPilots, etc.

NOTE: When you login, if you are taking immediately to the Client List page and the AutoPilot page is opened for you, you may be missing the Express links altogether.  The reason this happens is because you have that option selected in the Users table.  If you want to stay at the Main Menu page and access the Express links, go to the SETTINGS page, click USERS, select your user name, click the pencil and change the setting for ‘Display AutoPilots upon Login’ to NO.  Then, when you login you’ll remain at the new Main Menu page with the Express links.

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